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Distance Learning Resources

What a strange world we're living in right now... It's been difficult on everyone and we're all dealing with it as best as we can with the recommendations that our governments are imposing on us. Here in Canada, I'm in self-isolation and am not allowed to leave my house unless it's for food or other essential services. Schools are closed, stores are closed, and parks are off limits. It's difficult... but I know that we're all in this together and we'll get through it!

In the meantime, I'd like to offer my fellow teacher friends some resources that you can share with your students who are home. I put together two bundles of activities. One is a set of interactive games and the other is a selection of printables. You have, of course, my permission to share these with your students during your school closures.

I hope that these two FREE bundles bring you a little bit of joy and help you with distance teaching.

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BOOM Cards

I've been playing around with BOOM Cards for a while now and my students absolutely LOVE them! I love them too because I get to see what my kiddies are up to. I get stats on the questions they got correct/incorrect, how much time they play each game, and so much more. I get stats on every student who plays Boom Cards in my class and that just makes things so much better and easier for me. While my students play, I can take small reading groups, work with those who need a little push, and get organized. It's perfect!

I've also been playing around with creating my own Boom Cards. Until now I haven't shared any of my creations but I think it's time, don't you? ;)

I already added two bundles to my store: CVC words and Digraph games. With the CVC words game, students look at a picture, drag letters and type on their keyboard to spell the word. In the digraph games, students look at the picture and drag the correct digraphs to complete the words.

Want to try a game for FREE? I got you! Here's a short a words game that you can try.

I'd love to know what you think of these new games. You can email me at valerie@allstudentscanshine.com, and find me on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM, and you can join our teacher group.

I have a few more games in the works so keep an eye out. You can stay in touch by joining my email list. That way, you will never miss a thing! ;)

Need more information on BOOM Cards? CLICK HERE

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Back To School *GOODIES*

Its' that time again... We're getting ready to go back to our classrooms after our well-deserved summer break. Walking into our rooms for the first time in months is quite overwhelming, isn't it? Furniture has been pushed one corner of the room, shelves are covered, all our *stuff* is in boxes, and bulletin boards are bare. I always get nervous on that first day when I look at all the work that needs to be done. We want our classrooms to be PERFECT for our new bunch but we don't always know where to start. Am I right?!

I always find it best to take a step back and make myself a list. I break it up into small tasks and try to assign myself those tasks on specific days. That way, my list looks much shorter and I feel like I've accomplished a lot at the end of each day. Then, before you know it, my new kiddos have arrived and I'm ready for them!

Recently, I sent out a bunch of helpful resources to my subscribers in the hopes of making the first days back a little easier. Have you received them? If you haven't, it might be because aren't signed up yet! No worries though... I can send them to you all in one email!

Here's what you need to do: Leave your name and email below. Once you've done that, you will get an email from me with the above freebies! It's as easy as that. ;)

Don't worry, I promise not to SPAM you. I only send relevant content to my subscribers!

I'm looking forward to sharing teaching tips, ideas, and resources with you.

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Flash MATH

Do you ever wish you had a quick activity to keep your students engaged while you work with a small group, organize your supply closet, or *ahem* make yourself a cup of coffee? I sure did and that's why I came up with Flash Math. These games are sure to keep all students engaged and learning while we teachers get *all the things* done! 

These math games are super easy to use and I just know that you will love them! Each game lasts approximately eight minutes and runs all by itself. No need to click through the slides; they will transition all on their own!

Each slide has a timer bar at the bottom. It is 20 second timer and will help your students manage their time when answering each question. It will also help them monitor when the next question is about to appear on the screen. 

All games comes with a recording sheet that can be used to track your students' work. 

When your students are finished answering all 24 questions, they will click on "GO" and the answer key will appear. This will allow them to check their work independently and you know what that means... MORE time for YOU! ;) 

Here is a list of the games that are currently included in Flash MATH:
Counting On
Addition 1-10
Addition 1-20
Subtraction from 10
Subtraction from 20
Comparing Numbers 1-20
Comparing Numbers 1-100
Skip Counting by 2, 5, & 10
Base-Ten Blocks
Hundred Chart (ten more/ten less)

Take a look at this video to see how easy Flash Math is:

Want to give it a try? Grab this FREE download

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