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Reading Intervention - Phonics Sounds

Has this ever happened to you?

You've spent months teaching your students every sound that was required in your phonics program. You practiced them every day using flashcards, singing songs, and playing sorting/matching games. You finally felt like your students were ready to read and ... you quickly realized that they weren't recognizing their sounds in words. Why is that? All that hard work and nothing to show for it. It's frustrating, isn't it?

We often assume our students will easily be able to decode words once they learn simple phonics patterns. However, we often find that it is not the case. Why? Students need practice in order to easily recognize their sounds in words. The more they read, the more fluent they will be. That's why it isn't enough to practice those sounds with flashcards and games. Kids need to SEE those sound patterns IN words in order to become more fluent readers.

How do we make sure that our students will recognize their sounds when reading? Simple. Expose them to words and sentences right from the start!

Have kids highlight/color sounds patterns in words. This will help them become more aware of the presence of sounds in the words that they read.
Get your students to sound out words and match them to pictures. This will make their reading more meaningful and will help them remember the words that they are reading.

Have your students track words when reading sentences. One-to-one correspondence isn't automatic for all kids. Help them remember to track words by showing them how to point while reading.

Make sure that your students are reading sentences and passages THREE TIMES. That is the KEY to them becoming fluent readers!

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Hands-On Learning - Transform Your Reading Instruction & See Results!

Are you concerned that your students are not getting the most out of your phonics instruction? It's easy to become frustrated and feel like we're not doing everything in our power to meet our students' needs. I'd like to share some teacher-tested and student-approved best practices with you because I think that every teacher deserves to see his/her students succeed.

Over the years, I have tried multiple strategies to get my students to dig deeper and become confident readers. Students love to learn, but they can quickly get frustrated when they are struggling with a new skill or concept. Our goal as teachers is to help our students develop their reading skills and constantly grow as learners. I truly believe that giving out students meaningful experiences is what will drive them to learn.

Did you know that one of the most effective ways for our students to comprehend new concepts is through hands-on activities? Providing students with opportunities to manipulate sounds and words is important for them to grasp those new concepts. Students need authentic, hands-on learning experiences.

Why hands-on learning games?

  • They provide engaging and meaningful experiences.
  • They allow for collaborative learning.
  • They give you time for small-group instruction.

Are you ready to turn your reading instruction from "blah" to "wow"?
I can't wait for you to start this five-part email series because I know that you and your students will benefit from hands-on learning in your classroom!

What does this email series include?

  • Valuable information about hands-on learning
  • Tips and ideas for incorporating hands-on learning in your classroom
  • Storage and organization ideas
  • FIVE FREE games for your students!

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I look forward to keeping in touch with you!

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Growth Mindset FREEBIE

Hey there,

Are you teaching about growth mindset in your classroom? If you are, I have a treat for you today!

This interactive game is very easy to use. Simply download it on your laptop, computer, iPad, or tablet, and you're ready to go!

The PDF format allows you to use it on ANY device that can open a PDF file! If you don't have a PDF reader on your device, no problem! You can easily find a free program online.

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This game is a perfect way to introduce growth mindset or wrap up a fun unit such as the "Change the Games" mission.

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Growth Mindset - Change the Games

Hi friends,

Nicole and I are so excited to be sharing our NEW classroom mission with you this month! We love how it turned out and we hope your students will love it too!

After working on Save Christmas, we took some time to evaluate what worked and what could be improved. We did a lot of refection but, more importantly, we listened to everyone's feedback and created our next mission with your ideas in mind.

What did we change? 

First, we decided to make this resource more teacher-friendly. In order to do this, we created activities and crafts that require that same amount of creativity and academics with much less photocopying. That's right, friends! This mission is all about spending that quality time IN YOUR CLASSROOM, not in the copy room. ;)

Second, we wanted to help teachers out by providing you with clear instructions and lesson plans. We worked hard to make sure that you won't have to guess what to do when. Everything is planned out for you in a nice 10-day lesson guide!

Let's take a look at the mission... 

Students will receive a letter from a reporter and will be presented with a problem. This time, athletes are having a really hard time getting along and are not feeling confident for the big games. They need our help to change their mindset and change the games. The mission is a series of challenging and educational activities with a growth mindset theme. Students will work on activities such as sorting vocabulary, inferencing, reading response, motivational messages, and more! They will also be creating fun craftivities along the way such as sports crafts (hockey, bobsleigh, skiing, and skating), a flip book, a class collaborative book, and an athlete hat. Every time that they complete a challenge, they will collect a puzzle piece. At the end of the mission, students will have collected all the puzzle pieces for the closing ceremonies of the big games!

In addition to all activities and crafts, you will also get everything you need for anchor charts, puzzles, teamwork games, and a 10-day lesson plan guide.

Take a look at the challenges:

At the opening ceremony, students will be introduced to four athletes. They will read about each athlete and will complete a flip book by pasting athlete pictures on the correct pages.

Heather the hockey player and her team needs our help because they are feeling discouraged and have negative attitudes. Students will help the team by sorting growth mindset phrases and fixed mindset phrases. They will complete a hockey craft to display their work.

Spencer the speed skater has written a letter to our students. They will read all about how he never gave up and was determined to make it to the big games. They will then respond to the letter by writing about a time that they struggled with something and had to keep a positive attitude in order to overcome their difficulties.

Skylar the skier will ask our students to help him use appropriate motivational messages to encourage his fellow athletes. Students will read phrases and match them to the correct scenario.

Bonnie is on a bobsleigh team and she loves to take pictures at the big games. Students will look at her pictures and will write inferences for each one. They will create a nice bobsleigh craft to display their writing.

Before the closing ceremonies, students will work on a few more fun challenges. They will create a class book, make cute athlete hats, and work together to assemble a growth mindset anchor chart.

At the closing ceremonies, students will get another letter from the reporter. They will have collected all their puzzle pieces and will receive a fun coloring page to celebrate!

At the very end of this mission, you will be provided with team building games that can be played in your classroom. We hope your students use their growth mindset and have fun with them!

Just because, we added a FREEBIE in the preview file. 
Click on the link above to get it!

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