Building Words and Rounding Numbers

Wow... I don't know about you guys but I'm pooped! I've been so busy these last couple of weeks that I have been going to bed at the same time as my 3 year old! The first trimester nausea and sleepiness is definitely not working in my favor either. Oh that's right... I'm preggers with my second child! Yipeee!!!

I was chatting away about the Daily 5 today with a colleague and our discussion reminded me about how much I struggled with Work with Words during my first year (I had a hard time coming up with different ways to make this part of the Daily 5 challenging and fun). I decided to share with you one of my students' favorite Work with Words activities. It's called 'Building Words'. I'm sure most of you already do this in your classrooms but I hope it will come in handy for someone out there in the bloggy world!

This activity is very simple. I like to start by asking my students to choose a long word (the longer the better). We then write the word at the bottom of the sheet by putting one letter in each box. The letters are then cut out and used to make new words with only the letters that are available to them. Students are allowed to use dictionaries, of course! I know this activity is super simple but kids LOVE it, especially if you turn it into a contest (whoever finds the most words can choose the next Brain Break, or whatever other reward you see fit). *Another way of doing it is by making longer words worth more points. Students can then tally their points and the one with the highest number of points is the winner.

The other resource I would like to share with you today is a 'cheat sheet' for learning to round numbers. I use this when I am introducing the skill. I keep a few copies around the classroom so students can refer to them if they get stuck. Once students grasp the concept, they rarely need this helper anymore and they become fully independent! It's a great scaffolding tool for those students who often need to refer back to their notes.

I hope this was helpful to someone out there!
Have a great day :o)

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  1. Thanks so much for the great idea and posting your Google doc. I have done similar activities, but not this one exactly. In my 3rd grade classroom, some of our word work comes from our content areas and this is the perfect application for those larger vocabulary words especially!


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