Great idea!

I was at a Fan-ta-bulous workshop the other and the speaker mentioned something about 20% time. Has anyone heard about this before? She explained to us that at Google, the employees get 20% of their time to work on personal projects. This means that one day a week, employees can work on whatever project they want! She also told us that amazing things came out of this 20% time, including Gmail and GoogleMaps. These are programs that were created by Google employees but were worked on during their personal 20% time! How amazing is that?

This idea can easily be brought to our classrooms. Teachers can give this 20% time to students in order to give them the chance to work on projects that are important to them. Ok, maybe not a whole 20% but maybe an afternoon or an hour per week (depending on how much gets done or how productive this becomes). In order to make sure students are using this time wisely, the FedEx slogan can be used: We Deliver. Isn't this clever???

It's funny the ideas we take away from workshops... I'm sure it was not this teacher's intention for any of us to leave her workshop and be so excited about something so simple... but I definitely was ;o)

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