October Linky Party

Tonight, I am going to bed one happy teacher! I met up with a fabulous teacher friend of mine and she very generously shared a bunch of wonderful teaching materials with me. I can't wait to check out all of the stuff she gave me! If you guys have not already checked out her blog, you really should get on it! You can follow her at Today in Second Grade. You won't be disappointed ;)

Today, I am linking up to Oh' Boy 4th Grade Linky Party:

 If Anybody can tell me why I get this weird white box around every picture I post, I'd appreciate the help!

Night night, sleep tight everyone,

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  1. Why thank you Ms. Valerie! I very much enjoyed spending quality time with you as well! I wonder if we will ever be able to leave the teacher talk aside when we meet! Doubtful! I'm glad you are happy with the resources, you certainly don't need my help, but it's always nice to feel special and appreciated! You are a fabulous teacher and the kiddies are fortunate to have you!!!



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