Newspaper Article Assignment

Today’s post is dedicated to my newspaper article assignment. This is something that I started last year with my 4th grade class. However, it can be used at any grade level. I really liked this assignment because it gave me the opportunity to give each student time to speak to the class about something that interested them. Students also enjoyed this because they loved to hear about different events that are happening in the world. Some of our presentations started amazing conversations in our class and a few of them led to great journal entries!

The process is rather simple. I start by sending home a letter that explains everything parents and students need to know about this assignment. I do not start the first presentation until at least a week after sending home the letter, in order to give them plenty of time to ask questions and find an article. On the back of the letter is a calendar with everyone’s assigned date. Students are assigned one presentation per month. This way, we only have a couple of presentations every day and students don’t get bored with it.

I also send home a reminder letter in the second or third month. This depends on how my students are ‘performing’. Usually, I will include a few tips to help them improve their presentations. For example, if most students are spending their time reading the article instead of talking about it in their own words, I will include this as a ‘tip’ in my reminder letter.

I am including my letter to parents, an example of a calendar, and a sample reminder letter in this post. You can download them and adjust them to fit your needs are ideas!

Oral Presentation_news Article Oral Presentation News Article Calendar Oral Presentation News Article Reminder

I hope this inspires someone out there in this wonderful bloggy world… Enjoy!

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