Sound Blends Activity Pack

It’s finally done! My very first sound blends activity pack is completed and ready to be downloaded by YOU!

We have been learning our sound blends in my resource classroom and my students are very excited to be reading more and more words! Their decoding skills have improved so much in the last month due to all these sound blend activities that we have been working on. It is so nice to see them work hard and begin to realize that, they too, can read just like the other kids in their class! What a joy to see!

At first, my students were using a sounds chart that I did not feel was very complete so I started teaching them sound blends with the help of a great chart, created by Leslie at First Grade Frenzy. I then decided to create my own chart in order for the sounds to match the other activities that I was creating for my classroom.

Things have been going so well with all of this that I decided to hop onto the TPT wagon and start creating my own materials. I hope you enjoy this activity pack as much as I do! Please leave me a comment if you choose to download it. I love to get feedback from other bloggers ;)

Up next, I will soon be putting up more resources on my TPT so stay tuned and make sure to become a follower if you are not already!

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