Saturday, February 25, 2012

*FREEBIE* Sight Words Game - Find The Chick!

Good morning everyone,

This is just a quick little post to offer you a cute sight words game. Easter is just around the corner so I thought I'd start using my Easter clip art! Hehe!

This game is super simple and I'm sure your kiddies will enjoy it... I know mine will!

I included some blank cards so that you can add your own words (more sight words or theme words) to the game.

I'd love some feedback if you choose to download it ;)

Have a great day,



Kristin Young said...

That's super cute! Thanks! And I'm a new follower...excited to share ideas. :)

Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

Valerie said...

Hi Kristin,

Thanks for following me. I'm on my way to your blog now ;)

By the way, I'm a YOUNG too!!


mcd said...

Thank you for sharing! It is absolutely precious. I know that my kinders will love it.

Busy Bees said...

Thanks for are giving me spring fever!

Anonymous said...

This is a cute game. I can't wait to play it in guided reading. Thank you!

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