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Hi everyone,

I was blog stalking this morning and came across a couple of amazing online resources. These are so great that I thought I’d share them with you!

The first one is called A Story Before Bed. This website lets parents and teachers record themselves reading books. Students can then watch the recorded books over and over again! This is great for students who are struggling with reading and need someone to read to them. Also, if you are doing the Daily 5 in your classroom, it is perfect for “Listen to Reading”. They have a huge selection of books to choose from and they are giving away free recordings to teachers!

The next one is called Into the Book. This website is dedicated to helping students learn reading comprehension strategies. They are equipped with videos, interactives, lesson ideas, book lists, and links. Teachers can download resources such as songs and posters. Students can complete interactives and print their work when they are done.

And now for a giveaway... Amy at The Resource(ful) Room is giving away amazing prizes to one of her 300 followers! Check out her blog for all the details!

See you later ALLIGATORS,

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  1. These resources sound great! Thank you for posting them. :)
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