Parts of Speech Activity Pack!

Every year we teach our students parts of speech. Yet, at this time of year we always wonder why they still confuse verbs with nouns and nouns with adjectives! Oye...

I created a nice little activity pack to help my students review parts of speech.

It includes a cute little birdhouse sorting game (right on time for spring... it's right around the corner, you know!). This sorting game comes with a recording sheet and an answer sheet for checking your work.
I also made the following activities:
  • Sentence writing
  • Check for understanding 
  • Independent Sorting activity
  • Fill in the blank Silly Story (just like those fun mad libs we did as kids! Do they still make those?)
  • Parts of Speech Mini-Book

I have posted all of this on my TPT store today and... guess what??
I am selling it at half price for Valentine's Day so grab your copy quick!

Happy Valentine's Day,


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