"SKIN color", Welcome, & New blog design

As my students were coloring their sight words today, a boy asked me to pass him the "SKIN color". I handed him the brown and he looked at me with a very confused face. I then asked him what he meant by "skin" color as there are many different shades of that particular color! He immediately understood what I was getting at and had to rethink his choice of words before asking me again for that crayon.

I have been hearing this over and over from students and it has always bothered me. Today was the day that I decided to confront my students with this issue. I wanted to explain to them that it bothers me and even hurts my feelings when they use the term "skin color". I told them that if I was drawing my husband, I would choose a brown shade and if I were drawing my son I would choose a lighter shade.

The lesson I learned today... Why have I been letting students use this annoying term of "skin color" for so long when it takes just a minute to explain that what they are saying in wrong? Aaaahhhh! I feel much better now that I have confronted my students because I know that they will think twice next time they ask for a shade of beige or brown! HA!


In other news, I would like to say HELLO and WELCOME to my newest followers. I have noticed that my followers group has been increasing lately and it warms my heart to see that people are actually reading my blog! I hope you are all enjoying reading my posts and downloading my materials because I really am having a blast with this blogging adventure! :o)

Last week I changed my blog design. I had already created my blog button (you can read all about it and get a tutorial in a previous post) so I decided to make the rest of my blog design around that. I'd love to get some comments from you!
By the way, If you want tips on how to make changes to your blog design, check out Sneaky Momma Blog Design. I got all I needed right there on her blog for free! She has great ideas and easy to follow tutorials.

Easy Blog Tips!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. What a great message :)

    Yesterday I was in a first grade class and kiddo 1 was talking about being color blind. And he said he sees brown for green and green for brown.

    Kiddo 2 then asked what color of skin he had and kiddo 1 said, "regular" and kiddo 2 said, "No, I am skinned color!"

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  2. I like the new design!


  3. My kinders put together a box of "skin-colored" crayons. They included shades ranging from light peach to dark brown. Our class is very diverse. Adding so many colors to the box was completely natural for the children. :-)


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