Spring Unit and 150+ followers SALE!

150 followers already?!? Wow... I have no words to describe how excited I am! I just recently had a giveaway so I decided to celebrate with a SALE instead... I'm trying to switch it up a bit ;)

I put everything in my TPT store at 20% off!!! This will last until tomorrow so come get what you need fast before the sale is over!

Speaking of my TPT store... As promised, I have finished my Spring Unit Part 2.
I also decided to put the 2 units together to make a bundled price for those of you who want all the goodies!!

Here is a description of my second Spring Unit:

Earth Day, Plants, and Weather
Language Arts, Math, and Science
- word wall
- scrambled words
- writing prompts
- writing sentences
- word web
- plant needs
- sorting trash
- April Showers: predicting, observation, & findings
- Bean Sprout Observation Book
- sunshine homophones
- math word problems
- butterfly craft
- Earth Day craft

I am especially excited about the 2 mini projects in this unit! I can't wait to see them in action in my school!

You can get yourself a copy of my Spring Unit Part 2 HERE and my COMBO Pack HERE.



If you haven't seen my post on my blog name change, you may want to check it out HERE. I am having a giveaway where EVERYBODY WINS and it ends tonight. Hop on over and leave me a comment to join in on all the fun!


Baby News!!

I had another doctor appointment on Friday and we scheduled my c-section.
Baby Emerick will be born on April 30th! Yipee!!
I am so excited to see that little face, count his fingers and toes, and cuddle with him :o)
According to Baby Center, he is the size of a pineapple this week! Hehehe!

Have a great Sunday, everyone!

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