Furry Friends Linky Party

Hi everyone, Sandy at Soaring Through Second Grade is hosting the cutest linky party EVER!

 It's all about Furry Friends and what they have taught us.

Here is MY furry friend. His name is Taz :o)

I got him when he was 8 weeks old and fell in love with him right away. He is the sweetest thing... He follows me everywhere and is an amazing family companion! He knows how to protect his family and he is absolutely in love with my son.

Here they are together!

Taz has taught me that it is important to enjoy simple things in life. He is such a happy dog and takes time to enjoy things that we sometimes take for granted. For example, he can sit in the sun for hours and just take in the heat and comfort it brings him!
He also taught me that we should always find time to tell our loved ones that we love them. Taz has a habit of coming to see me at random times during the day, just to get a hug! What a sweet thing!

If you have a furry friend who has taught you something, link up with everyone ;)

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  1. Hi Valerie!!! Thanks so much for sharing Taz!!! He is adorable!!! I love that picture of him and your son having fun together!!! :)


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