Back To School Jitters!

Good morning everyone!

I'm linking up with Ms.Jessica at A Turn to Learn today.

Back to School Jitters Linky Party

I'm loving this linky party idea because we all get those Back To School jitters, no matter how many years we've been teaching! Am I right, people?? I've been teaching for 7 years now but I've had a different grade and different school every year! I finally have my permanent post this year and I'm very excited about being in the same school for the next *** years! Yay!

What are your back to school jitters??
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  1. I also totally nervous about not doing everything I plan to... yikes, such a scary thought!

    Thanks for linking up!

    A Turn to Learn

  2. That is so exciting that you have found the position you will be staying in for a while! Congrats! Have a great year:)

    We are ALL Special!

  3. Congrats on getting the position you wanted and I definitely agree that keeping the desk clean is a challenge!!!

  4. Congratulations! In first grade, mostly at the beginning of the year, you should actually plan not to finish everything you plan, haha. As the days go on you'll fit more and more in...and then you'll be amazed about how quickly they can work and you can add more in.

    Good luck!

    You Might Be a First Grader...

  5. Welcome to first grade! It's the best (okay I'm partial) Have a great school year! I'm new to teacher blogging, stop by and say hi! :)

  6. Lol, I don't think there's any way I could keep my desk clean throughout the year!! I wish I could... but yikes, I like to de-clutter the tops of my tables and desks... but then the insides become a MESS!

    Just found your blog through the linky :)

    T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's First Grade!)

  7. your page is so cute...didnt realize i wasnt following you...cant wait for your giveaway...drop by =)


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