Christmas Craftivities

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! (Are you singing with me??)

I'm here today to show you my Christmas craftivities! Yipee :)

I have fun projects for this holiday season and I just know you are going to love 'em!

The first one is my gingerbread family craftivity. This was a HUGE hit during the TPT sale on Cyber Monday!

I started this craft with the intention of making a gingerbread family and, once I got them done, I decided they also needed a house!  

I also HAD to make a bunch of fun activities to go with this art project!

* Writing prompt (primary & secondary lines)
* Fill-in-the-blanks gingerbread recipe poem (full & half page)
* Sequencing activity
* Acrostic Poem
* Bubble map
* "Are, Have Can" chart
* ABC Order literacy center
* Parts of speech center activity
* Read/write the room
* Gingerbread coloring page

This pack comes with complete templates for the entire gingerbread family: gingerbread man, gingerbread lady, gingerbread child, AND gingerbread house! This is going to make a beautiful bulletin board :)


Now for my second craft, my Stocking Surprises!
I just LOVE these because the stockings were always my favorite part of Christmas morning when I was growing up. I don't know how I would have reacted if my stocking had a little mouse in it! Oh my!!

I made a bunch of activities for this craft too!

* Writing Prompts
"I Found A Special Surprise In MY Stocking"
"There's A Bear In My Stocking"
"There's A Mouse In My Stocking"
* Writing Activity: "In My Stocking I Found"
* Stocking Stuffer ABC Order
* Stocking Stuffer Mini-Book

This fun stocking craftivity comes with the template for both the bear and mouse. 

You can find both these craftivities at my TPT and TN stores.
Aaaaaand the best part is... I bundled these two crafts so you can grab them together to save money!

In the wonderful words of Ellen Degeneres,
"You're welcome!"

Later gators,

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