I Made Something Good!

Hi everyone,

I saw this super fun linky today over at Rowdy in first Grade and I thought I'd join in on the fun!

This link up reminds me of something I used to do when I was in high school. If ever I was having a difficult time, I would write down 4-5 positive things about my day before going to bed. It could be anything at all but it had to be something positive. This way, I would always go to sleep with happy thoughts!

I am not in the classroom right now since I am still on maternity leave so I'll share with you two 'something goods' about my home life instead!

First, my son turned 4 last week and I am one proud momma! I can't believe it's been 4 years already... time flies!

My second 'something good' is yummy for the tummy! Hehehe!
I did some baking with my best buddy today and we made some banana muffins with apple crisp. We had a nice time together, as always!
Nothing beats a quiet Sunday afternoon with the sweet smell of yummies in the oven :)

I don't know what we're having for supper tonight but I DO know what we're having for dessert! Hahaha!

I'd love it if you could leave me a comment with your 'something good' :)
If you want to join the linky party, click on the picture above.

Later gators,

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Pinterest Finds - Fall

Did you think I would forget?? 
Okay, I almost did! 
But here I am with my Pinterest post for the week! 
Yay!! I'm sticking to a schedule - hehehe :) 

This week, I decided to share some Fall pins. Here they are!

Source: bhg.com via Valerie on Pinterest

Source: flickr.com via Valerie on Pinterest

Aren't these ideas amazing??
I'll be making some of these with my son for sure :)

Later gators,

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A New Craft & A FREEBIE!

Are you looking for a cute craft for Halloween?

I made this a while ago but haven't shared it with you yet! Ooops!
Last year, we made these cute little pumpkins and my teaching buddy next door made black cats. This year, I decided to merge the two!

I made a bunch of fun activities to go with this craft too. Take a look!

This is going to make such a cute bulletin board display!

* Costume Riddles
* Bubble Maps
* Scrambled Words
* Sequencing - Writing Activity
* Making Words
* Halloween Story - Writing Activity (with self-check rubric)
* Writing Prompts (both primary and secondary lines)
* Writing Papers
* Halloween Safety Tips
* Template for Cat Craft!

If you want to get this pack, go to my TPT store :)


Here is a FREEBIE for you! 
It's the safety tips page from my Cat Craftivity :)



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I've Been BOO-ed!

I've been boo-ed! Oh my!
 I'd like to say a big thank you to the oh-so-sweet Cindy from Primary Reading Party for BOO-ING me!

Primary Reading Party

I don't know how I wasn't following this girlie before but I am definitely on her followers list now! If you haven't seen her blog yet, head on over there after reading my post. You won't be disappointed!

Alright, let's get down to business. If you want to read the rules for this fun game, check out this wonderful blog!


These are my 5 shares:
1) My favorite October activity is pumpkin carving. We did this over the weekend and it was so much fun! My husband has actually NEVER carved a pumpkin before! Can you believe it?? I think he did a pretty good job :)

I asked Nate what kind of face he wanted on the pumpkin and this is what he did! Hahaha!

He then decided we could make one mommy pumpkin and one daddy pumpkin. This is what my hubby came up with. I'm so proud of my fist-time pumpkin carver ;)

2) Remember last week's Pinterest post? Here are some of the goodies that I made for Nate's birthday party.

Aren't they the cutest?? My little one was really excited :)

Now for some classroom-related October favorites!

3) This is my Halloween Unit. It's jam packed with a bunch of fun Halloween activities for the kiddos.

This pack has everything you need to celebrate a very spooky Halloween with your class!

* Word Wall
* Acrostic Poems
* Building Words
* Venn Diagrams
* Juicy Words - using adjectives
* Word Search
* Writing Prompts (both primary and secondary lines)
* Everything you need to create a class survey and pictograph!

Click on the pictures if you want to get yourself a copy :)

4) These are my 3 crafts for the Fall/Halloween season.

5) Finally, here is a freebie for you! Some of you may have seen it floating around already ;)

Now it's my turn to BOO some of you!

A Turn To Learn

I hope I didn't BOO someone who has already been Boo-ed! This game has been going around so forgive me if I "double BOO-ed"!

I'm looking forward to your shares :)

Later gators,


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Pinterest Finds - Halloween

I have a confession to make. I'm terrible with schedules! I always try to make myself a schedule and I never stick to it. Whether it be for my teaching, blogging, or anything around the house. I just can't stick to a schedule! I usually always end up going with the flow and doing what needs to be done when I feel it needs to be done.

That being said.... I decided to make myself a new schedule! Hahaha!
I'm going to try SUPER hard to stick to this but... no promises!

I'm going to share one little part of my new schedule with you today.
I've decided that I wanted needed to share some of these awesome things from Pinterest with you all. My goal is to share my newest Pinterest finds once a week. Here is the part that I know I won't be sticking to... the day I share these amazing pins! Maybe it will be every Monday. Or every Thursday. Or whenever I get around to it! Hahaha!
I'm also going to try to center these shares around a new theme every week!

Today, I'm showing you a few of my favorite Halloween ideas. I know it's a little early but I've been pinning away Halloween ideas because I am planning my son's birthday party and guess what?? The theme is Halloween!
 I chose this theme for 2 reasons.
1) He LOVES Halloween!
2) The stores are FULL of Halloween things so it's going to be VERY easy to find what I need! lol

Alright, enough with the rambling. Here are my finds for the week!

Source: etsy.com via Valerie on Pinterest

Source: hgtv.com via Valerie on Pinterest

I'm going to try to make all these fun things for my son's birthday!
Stay tuned for pictures :)

Later gators,

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Pinterest Boards

Have you seen this??
Some of us Top Teachers have decided to collaborate on a Pinterest board. There some fan-ta-bulous ideas on this board so go check it out and click on the FOLLOW button! You won't be disappointed ;)

While you're at it, you can take a look at my Pinterest board as well. I've been busy pinning away lately and I'm sure you can find some pin-teresting ideas for your classroom! Hehehe!

Follow Me on Pinterest

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Desk Checks {A FREEBIE}

What is your biggest pet peeve in your classroom? Mine is messy desks! 
I can't stand it when I walk past a student who can't close his/her desk because it is out of control! 

Every once in a while, I have surprise desk checks. I usually do this when my kiddies are out of the classroom because I don't want to embarrass anyone. I check every single desk and leave some little cards for the clean and messy ones. This keeps my desk checks very private and it's a good way to let my little ones know that they may have some tidying up to do! 
 After a few desk checks, the kids know that they need to keep their desk clean at all times if they want to get a little unexpected treat! 
Oh yes, I leave a little treat in the clean desks (along with my little note!). 

Want to give this a try? 
Here is a freebie for you today! 
I hope it works for you ;)

I also made these in "grayscale" for those of you who want to save your color ink for other things ;)
Click on the picture to get yourself a copy!

Later gators,

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My Linky Party WINNER Is...

I'm here to announce the BIG winner of my Fall linky party!

Thanks to everyone who participated. I never thought I'd ever get this many people linking up! Together we made a wonderful list of 101 Fall activities! 

Congrats, Nicole! You won my 4 Fall TPT items!

I'll be sending you your goodie bag today ;)

Have a good day,

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