I Got My Shop On!!

Phew! What a busy couple of weeks...
Like  most TPT sellers, I spent the last weeks creating like a crazy person!! HA!
I'm so glad to have gotten all my Winter and Christmas products right on time for the big sale.

My best sellers during this sale were my Winter & Christmas craftivity BUNDLES! I was so touched by all the amazing feedback :)

I hope everyone got their shop on! You KNOW I did ;)

What did I buy, you may ask? The question is more what did I NOT buy!! Hahaha!
I stocked up on so much clip art that I don't even know when I'll ever have the time to use it all! One can never have too much clip art, right??

This was my favorite purchase. Michelle is such an amazing artist! I love all her stuff!

I'd like to say a BIG thank you to everyone who has supported my little TPT store during this Cyber Monday sale. It is overwhelming to know that my creations are being used in classrooms other than my own!

Later gators,

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Cyber Monday TPT Sale & A FREEBIE!

Have you heard??
Teachers Pay Teachers is having the BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR! It's Cyber Monday! Yay!!

A bunch of us are linking up to show you some of our newest products before the big sale. This is your chance to start filling up your wishlist in order to make your shopping a little easier on the day of the big sale!



I have been working hard making new products for my TPT store!
Here are some of my newest store items:

If you want to read more about these products, just click on the pictures to go see them in my store!

Here is a FREEBIE for you today. I've already received amazing feedback on this item and I'm really excited about it! It's never too early to get ready for Christmas, right??

Don't forget to check out all the other amazing stores on this linky!

Happy Thanksgiving,


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Digraph Activities & Crafts

Hi everyone,

I'm here to tell you a little bit about my Digraphs pack today. I've gotten such amazing feedback on TPT that I thought I'd let you guys in on this little creation of mine too!

I just LOVE that my students will get to make these crafts for each of the digraphs!

Here is what you can find in this pack:

* Posters for each digraph: 3 posters for digraphs ch, sh, th, and ph (example: words with ch, start with ch, and end with ch)
* Word Wall
* Sorting Game
* Word cards
* Picture Cards
* Board Game
* Find The Digraph Game
* 6 Worksheets

A craft for each digraph!
CHerry, THief, PHone, SHip, & WHale
(All templates are included in this pack)

Alright, wanna play a little game? I'll give this pack away to the first person who can guess what color my husband is painting my basement today! All I can say is... it's a little unusual so think OUTSIDE the box! Hahaha!

Later gators,

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It's A Snowman Craft!

Let it now, let it snow, let it snow!

Okay, so it's not snowing quite yet but it's never too early to start planning your snowman theme, right?

If you are like me and you wait for the first snow to get your kiddies excited about Winter, then I have the perfect craftivity pack for you!

I called him my "Hide & Sneak" snowman because my son just LOVES playing a fun game of what he calls "hide and sneak" around the house. 
He always says "Mommy, I'll hide and you sneak!"
Precious, I know! Hehehe

This snowman craftivity is going to make a super fun bulletin board display for the Winter months!

48 pages of activities for your snowman theme:
* Word Wall
* Vocabulary Cards
* Word Wall Activity
* Scrambled Words
* Adjectives Worksheet
* Labeling
* Story Writing
* Sequencing
* 2 Writing Prompts
* Template for snowman craft!

If you want to get this pack, please visit my TPT store!

Later gators,

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Winter Bear Craftivity

I just love chattng about bears and hibernation with my students at this time of year! There is something about hibernation that just fascinates children :)

I made a super cute bear craftivity and I'd like to show it to you all!

This craft comes with a bunch of writing activities too!

* Writing Prompts - full & half page, primary & secondary lines
* Sequencing Activity
* Acrostic Poem
* Describe A Bear
* Are, Have, Can Chart
* Building Words - Hibernate
* ABC Order
* Read/Write The Room - Sight Words
* Template For Bear Craft

The template comes with different hats, a scarf, and a bow. Your students can get creative and dress up their bears for the cold Winter!

If you want this pack, you can go to my TPT store :)

Later gators,

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Making An Editable Document - A Tutorial

Hi friends,

Ever wonder how those amazing editable cards are made?
I'm going to show you!

It's actually pretty simple... when you know how ;)

Here we go!

Step 1: Create your document by adding your borders and graphics, just like you normally do. Just leave out the "editable part" of your page. I use Power Point to create my units, but this will work using any program!

Step 2: Save your document as a picture (jpeg or PNG, your choice).
Step 3: Open a new page in whatever program you are using and insert your picture. You may have to move it around or change the size. Make it fit your page the way you want it.

Step 4: Insert a text box and type something like "text here". This way, people will know which part of the document is editable.

Step 5: Do NOT save this as a pdf or it will no longer be editable. Your document MUST remain as a Word or PowerPoint document in order for the text box to be accessible.

Voila! You now have yourself an editable document and your graphics are all protected!

I hope you found this little tutorial helpful :)

Later gators,

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Thanksgiving Activities

Hello friends,

I'm here to show you my latest creation. It's for Thanksgiving, of course!

I got such amazing feedback for my short vowels pack that I thought some of you might enjoy similar activities for Thanksgiving!

Take a look.

Just like my short vowels pack, this Thanksgiving pack contains 3 fun games to teach Thanksgiving vocabulary: Read/Write The Room, I Have/Who Has, and a card game called "Gobble, Gobble".

If you want to get this game, or read more about it, visit my TPT store!

I'm working on a fun freebie for all of you so stay tuned, my friends ;)

Later gators,


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Pinteresting Finds - FONTS!

Hi friends,

I'm here to share some Pinteresting finds with you today! This week's pins are all fonts. I just love 'em! Every time I start a new unit, I always search for new fonts :)

This last one is for those of you who are already thinking of the holidays ;)

Happy pinning,

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Bright Blog Designs!

Hello friends,

I'd like to thank everyone who left a me sweet comment on my last post. You guys seriously warmed my heart!
I was very excited about my new blog design and was overwhelmed by the fabulous feedback!

Now I need to tell you a little secret....
My buddy Nicole, from Today In Second Grade, loved my new blog design so much that she asked me if I would be willing to revamp her blog too.
Yesterday, I surprised her with her very NEW blog!

Take a look!

As I was creating her new blog design, I realized that I am... quite talented! Hahaha! Just kidding ;)
I did realize, though, that I really enjoy doing this kind of thing so... guess what!

This is the start of Bright Blog Designs!

I have added a new page on my blog for my Bright Blog Designs. So far I have created 2 blog designs and I plan on making more VERY soon!

You can find my new page by clicking on "Bright Blog Designs" under the header of my blog.

If you are interested in giving your blog a make-over or designing your brand new blog, email me at valyoung30@gmail.com!

Later gators,

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