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Hi everyone,

I'm here to tell you a little bit about my Digraphs pack today. I've gotten such amazing feedback on TPT that I thought I'd let you guys in on this little creation of mine too!

I just LOVE that my students will get to make these crafts for each of the digraphs!

Here is what you can find in this pack:

* Posters for each digraph: 3 posters for digraphs ch, sh, th, and ph (example: words with ch, start with ch, and end with ch)
* Word Wall
* Sorting Game
* Word cards
* Picture Cards
* Board Game
* Find The Digraph Game
* 6 Worksheets

A craft for each digraph!
CHerry, THief, PHone, SHip, & WHale
(All templates are included in this pack)

Alright, wanna play a little game? I'll give this pack away to the first person who can guess what color my husband is painting my basement today! All I can say is... it's a little unusual so think OUTSIDE the box! Hahaha!

Later gators,

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It's A Snowman Craft!

Let it now, let it snow, let it snow!

Okay, so it's not snowing quite yet but it's never too early to start planning your snowman theme, right?

If you are like me and you wait for the first snow to get your kiddies excited about Winter, then I have the perfect craftivity pack for you!

I called him my "Hide & Sneak" snowman because my son just LOVES playing a fun game of what he calls "hide and sneak" around the house. 
He always says "Mommy, I'll hide and you sneak!"
Precious, I know! Hehehe

This snowman craftivity is going to make a super fun bulletin board display for the Winter months!

48 pages of activities for your snowman theme:
* Word Wall
* Vocabulary Cards
* Word Wall Activity
* Scrambled Words
* Adjectives Worksheet
* Labeling
* Story Writing
* Sequencing
* 2 Writing Prompts
* Template for snowman craft!

If you want to get this pack, please visit my TPT store!

Later gators,

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Winter Bear Craftivity

I just love chattng about bears and hibernation with my students at this time of year! There is something about hibernation that just fascinates children :)

I made a super cute bear craftivity and I'd like to show it to you all!

This craft comes with a bunch of writing activities too!

* Writing Prompts - full & half page, primary & secondary lines
* Sequencing Activity
* Acrostic Poem
* Describe A Bear
* Are, Have, Can Chart
* Building Words - Hibernate
* ABC Order
* Read/Write The Room - Sight Words
* Template For Bear Craft

The template comes with different hats, a scarf, and a bow. Your students can get creative and dress up their bears for the cold Winter!

If you want this pack, you can go to my TPT store :)

Later gators,

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Thanksgiving Activities

Hello friends,

I'm here to show you my latest creation. It's for Thanksgiving, of course!

I got such amazing feedback for my short vowels pack that I thought some of you might enjoy similar activities for Thanksgiving!

Take a look.

Just like my short vowels pack, this Thanksgiving pack contains 3 fun games to teach Thanksgiving vocabulary: Read/Write The Room, I Have/Who Has, and a card game called "Gobble, Gobble".

If you want to get this game, or read more about it, visit my TPT store!

I'm working on a fun freebie for all of you so stay tuned, my friends ;)

Later gators,


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Gobble Gobble! It's A Turkey Craftivity!

Did you have a nice Halloween?? Mine was so much fun!
I live in an older neighborhood where everyone's kids are all grown up so unfortunately there isn't any trick or treating on my street. Sad, I know!
That didn't stop us, though! We packed up our kids and went to my buddy's house for some Halloween fun.
My 4 year old loved to give out candy! He got so excited every time the doorbell rang :)
We also brought him trick-or-treating, of course. He giggled at every house!

Now that Halloween is over, it's time for me to share my Thanksgiving craft with you!
I've been holding out on this but I'm very exited to show it to you now.

To be honest, this has been posted in my TPT store since September because I made it for my Canadian folks. But today I'm sharing it with my US peeps! Hehehe!

As you can see in the picture, the yellow feathers flip open.
My students will be writing what they are thankful for inside each yellow feather!

Like all my other crafts, I made a bunch of fun activities to go with this one too.

* Writing prompts (both primary and secondary lines)
* Thanksgiving story - writing activity (with and without self-check rubric)
* Let's draw a turkey - answer questions and draw according to your answers
* ABC order worksheet
* Turkey bubble map
* Acrostic poem
* Word search
* My Thanksgiving Mini Book
* Complete template for turkey craft

If you want this pack, you can get it at my TPT store.
I hope you like it!


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