Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Literacy Activities GALORE!

Hi everyone,

I received a few questions about my editable literacy activities pack so I thought I'd show it to you all and explain a few things!

I created this pack because I sometimes find myself needing some non-themed literacy activities. We are not always working on a specific theme in my classroom and so many center games out there are themed. So I decided to create this baby :)

I chose 15 of my favorite literacy center activities and created some nice worksheets for each one. 
* ABC Order
* Sequence Writing
* Building Words
* Sorting
* Rhyme Time
* Matching
* Spin & Graph
* Word of the Day
* Letter of the Day
* Roll, Read, Write
* Read/Write the Room
* I Have, Who Has
* Sight Words Practice
* Venn Diagrams

I also made game boards, spinners, and dice,  to go with my games.

I included 6 types of flashcards and I threw in "Draw & Write' writing pages too!
We can never have too many of those ;)

Each activity comes with an instruction page to show you how to edit it and how to use it!

I have to say this was a very time consuming project but it is worth every ounce of energy I put into it because I now have 15 literacy center activities and that I can edit and print whenever I need a new one! That's right, they are ALL editable :)
This means that you can just insert your vocabulary words, sight words, and/or theme words and your literacy centers are ready to be used in your classroom!

I made 2 sets of activity pages for this pack: 
The first set is in a PDF format. This is for teachers who prefer printing the entire set and just filling it out by hand. I like to print every page a few times and keep them handy in a binder. This way, if I need a quick activity and I don't have time to edit it on my computer, I simply fill it in by hand and photocopy the pages for my kiddies. It takes no time at all!
The second set is in a PowerPoint document. This set has editable worksheet templates. Just type in your words and you are done!

If you want to take a closer look at this pack, you can download the preview in my TPT store (there is a FREEBIE in the preview file for you... enjoy!)

I am leaving this pack on SALE for the rest week!

Later gators,


Lisa Mattes said...

This looks super! I'm heading over to TpT to add it to my wishlist. :) I'll buy it when my TpT spending ban is lifted by my sweet hubby. I've been kinda nutso. :)
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Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

WOW...you are starting the year SHINING BRIGHTLY!
Thanks for creating this pack!

Debbie said...

You mention on Classroom Freebies that the item is editable. But, the preview is not editable. Am I doing something wrong?

Kristy said...

This pack looks great! I love that it's editable. I'm so OCD it drives me crazy to handwrite on a worksheet, lol!
Teachin' First

Valerie said...

So sorry, Debbie!
I guess I meant editable *by hand*. The entire pack has both options for editing (by hand and on the computer).
Hope this clarifies,

Valerie said...

Hehehe! I'm so the SAME way ;)

Valerie said...

I'm right there with you on the TPT spending ban ;)

Valerie said...

Thanks! Don't you just love starting the year on the right foot? ;)

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