Literacy Activities GALORE!

Hi everyone,

I received a few questions about my editable literacy activities pack so I thought I'd show it to you all and explain a few things!

I created this pack because I sometimes find myself needing some non-themed literacy activities. We are not always working on a specific theme in my classroom and so many center games out there are themed. So I decided to create this baby :)

I chose 15 of my favorite literacy center activities and created some nice worksheets for each one. 
* ABC Order
* Sequence Writing
* Building Words
* Sorting
* Rhyme Time
* Matching
* Spin & Graph
* Word of the Day
* Letter of the Day
* Roll, Read, Write
* Read/Write the Room
* I Have, Who Has
* Sight Words Practice
* Venn Diagrams

I also made game boards, spinners, and dice,  to go with my games.

I included 6 types of flashcards and I threw in "Draw & Write' writing pages too!
We can never have too many of those ;)

Each activity comes with an instruction page to show you how to edit it and how to use it!

I have to say this was a very time consuming project but it is worth every ounce of energy I put into it because I now have 15 literacy center activities and that I can edit and print whenever I need a new one! That's right, they are ALL editable :)
This means that you can just insert your vocabulary words, sight words, and/or theme words and your literacy centers are ready to be used in your classroom!

I made 2 sets of activity pages for this pack: 
The first set is in a PDF format. This is for teachers who prefer printing the entire set and just filling it out by hand. I like to print every page a few times and keep them handy in a binder. This way, if I need a quick activity and I don't have time to edit it on my computer, I simply fill it in by hand and photocopy the pages for my kiddies. It takes no time at all!
The second set is in a PowerPoint document. This set has editable worksheet templates. Just type in your words and you are done!

If you want to take a closer look at this pack, you can download the preview in my TPT store (there is a FREEBIE in the preview file for you... enjoy!)

I am leaving this pack on SALE for the rest week!

Later gators,

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  1. This looks super! I'm heading over to TpT to add it to my wishlist. :) I'll buy it when my TpT spending ban is lifted by my sweet hubby. I've been kinda nutso. :)
    Growing Firsties is co-hosting a Shout Out Linky

    1. I'm right there with you on the TPT spending ban ;)

  2. are starting the year SHINING BRIGHTLY!
    Thanks for creating this pack!

    1. Thanks! Don't you just love starting the year on the right foot? ;)

  3. You mention on Classroom Freebies that the item is editable. But, the preview is not editable. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. So sorry, Debbie!
      I guess I meant editable *by hand*. The entire pack has both options for editing (by hand and on the computer).
      Hope this clarifies,

  4. This pack looks great! I love that it's editable. I'm so OCD it drives me crazy to handwrite on a worksheet, lol!
    Teachin' First


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