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Hi everyone, 

I'm here for the BIG product swap event today!

I've been paired up with the lovely Kerri from Ms.Kerri And Her Krazy Klass (isn't the name of her blog so clever??)

I'm very excited to be giving you a close look at her Puppy Love math activities pack!

Alright, let's get started!

The first activity in this pack was a number order. Kerri made these cute little heart number cards to make this activity fun and inviting. Look how cute!

The next activity is all about counting. Students count the number of hearts in the box and write the number next to each box. 

For the next activity, you need to help the puppy by drawing how many hearts he needs for his Valentines. I did this activity with my 4 year old so we decided to take it a little further and use objects to count instead of drawing pictures. He loved it!

The number cards for the 'counting by 10s' activity are just so adorable :)

For the addition activity sheets, I decided to use little heart erasers that I found at the dollar store. This way, we can use this sheet over and over again!

I also found these cute shiny stickers in the holiday section of my dollar store. I put them to good use for the roll and cover game!
 I love that Kerri made this game into a little contest by adding the element of having a winner. So smart! My kids always enjoy trying to beat each other in a friendly game :)

If you like what you see, go check out Kerri's math pack in her TPT store. You won't regret it!

You also HAVE to check out her beautiful blog!! She has amazing ideas so go follow her to stay in touch :)

We have also decided to have a little giveaway during this product swap! All you have to do is follow both our blogs and TPT stores to enter for a chance to win both our featured items in today's product swap. Don't forget to fill out the rafflecopter :)

Later gators,

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