Tech Help - Make Your Words GLOW

Hi everyone,

I'm here to show you a new trick on Power Point today!
Ever wondered how I make my words GLOW like in this picture?

Well, let me show you!
(Note that you can click on any picture below to view them larger on your computer screen)

First, you need to open a new page in Power Point.

Then enter a text, just like you normally do. 

You may want to change the font type and size before making it glow.

You then need to highlight your text and click on "Text effects". In the text effects section, you will find GLOW. Choose this and then choose the variation and color of your glow effect. 

I usually do one more little thing to my text to make the letters stand out even more!
Highlight your text again, go to "text outline" and choose a color that is close to your glow color. I like to make the outline a little thicker by going to "outline weight". 

Voila! You're done!

The variations of colors, thickness in glow, and different outlines are really a personal choice. I suggest you play around with it to find the perfect glow effect for you! Have fun :)

Later gators,

Fern Smith's Thursday's Tech Tips for Teachers

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  1. I always wondered about this but never asked a blogger. A few months ago I finally upgraded my Microsoft Works programs and saw this new feature. It's fabulous!

    You Might Be a First Grader...

  2. Hi Valerie,

    I love your tech help and have used your tips. I use the glow letter effect but didn't think about making the outline the color of the glow. Excited to try it. Thank you for the tip.

    First Grade Schoolhouse

  3. Thank you so much for sharing. Soooo easy!

    Learning With Susie Q

  4. Thanks for sharing this. I was wondering about the glow effect! :)

  5. So fun! Thanks for sharing a great tip!


  6. Thank you so much!!!
    I have been wanting to do that for so long. I love the effect.

  7. Thank you for linking up this week my Thursday's Tech Tips for Teachers and showing my follower such a terrific tip!
    Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas!
    Fern Smith's Pinterest Boards!

  8. Thank you! I asked another blogger how to do that effect and she never answered me. This is perfect!

  9. OMG!! Love it. Thanks for sharing.


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