Valentine's Day Friends!

Hi everyone, 

I'm here to show you my Valentine's Day craftivities! 
I had so many ideas for Valentine's Day that I decided to make 4 of them! I actually had to stop myself because my TPT store would have become a complete Valentine's Day store... HA!

The first craft is my Forever Frog. He is my favorite! I am so in love with him and I just can't wait to make him with my little one :)

The next one is my Fluttering Friends! I just LOVE  butterflies so I couldn't resist making this little guy :)

I also made a ladybug, just because ;)

Each craft comes with a bunch of fun Valentine's Day writing activities for your kiddies. You can click on the pictures above to read all about each craftivity pack.
Just like many of my other themed craftivities, I put all these crafts together to make a nice 
Valentine's Day Craftivities BUNDLE!

 And I threw in this cute little flower!

 You can get all these crafts separately OR you can get the bundle. I like to sometimes assign different crafts to my students. This way, instead of having 20 of the same craft, I like get 4-5 of each craft to make the bulletin board a little different :)

I hope you like my craftivities. I have so much fun making them, you have NO idea! Hehehe!

And now for you FREEBIE lovers out there... I updated my Valentine's Day ABC Order game. 
You can grab yourself  copy by clicking on the picture. 
Enjoy :)

Later gators,

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  1. Hi Valerie,

    Your craftivities are so adorable and I always look forward to seeing what great crafts you come up with next. I love that you use the goggly eyes, too. My kids always love using those.

    First Grade Schoolhouse


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