Spring Is In The Air...

Hi everyone, 

I feel like I haven't stopped by in a while... 

I've been working on updating all my older packs and I wanted to show you my NEW Spring packs! 
I made so many changes to these 2 items and added a bunch of new activities too!

First, my Spring unit. This pack is HUGE!!

* Word Wall
* Word Wall Activity
* Writing Sentences
* 5 Senses
* Venn Diagrams
* Making Words
* Read/Write The Room
* Board Game With Spring Words
* Sight Words Game
* Synonyms & Antonyms
* Parts Of Speech
* Bubble Map
* Sunshine Homophones
* Mini Book
* Word Searches
* Writing Prompts
* Bookmarks
* Reading Motivation Charts
* Ladybug Craftivity

127 pages of goodness!!

Second, my Pants & Weather pack.

* Word Wall
* Writing Sentences
* Scrambled Words
* ABC Order
* Spring Things - using adjectives to describe what we see
* Word Search
* Bean Sprout Observation Project
* Plant Labels For Your Students
* Plant Needs Activity
* April Showers Prediction Project
* Sorting Trash Activity
* Butterfly Craft Instructions
* Earth Day Craft Template

These 2 units are bundled so if you plan on getting both, be sure to grab the bundled set!

I can NOT wait to use these units with my class :)

Last thing before I go...

I made a class book that I will be working on with my little ones. Each student will be filling out their own "In The Spring" page and I will be putting all these pages together to make a class book!

Grab your copy by clicking on the picture

Later gators,


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  1. Thanks for the spring book! (Any chance you will do all the seasons? Pretty please?)

  2. My son is so ready for spring right now too. He's collecting apple seeds and watching youtube videos to figure out how to plant them. Now to get him to do some writing to go with the planting. Your packets look great!
    Highhill Education

  3. Wowsers! Thank you for the freebie! Your stuff rocks!


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