All About Leprechauns!!

We learned all about leprechauns this week!!

First, we did a shared reading. We started by reading this book together and then we made our own! Everyone got to make their own page for the end of their book!

*Click on the picture for your freebie!*

I was very impressed with my students' ideas for hiding places ;)

Next, we wrote a class story. My kiddies had so much fun sharing their ideas for this story! They are so proud of Tom the leprechaun and they love that he is quite the trickster ;)

Then, we wrote our very own leprechaun stories.

Of course, own stories wouldn't be complete without a cute craft to go with it!

Let's not forget my fabulous grade 4 students... 
They made a beautiful craft too :)

This was an amazing week!

What did your class do for St. Patrick's Day?


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  1. Oh their illustrations are just too cute! Love them! Your crafts turned out awesome!


  2. Your mini book is so adorable! Thank you for sharing!

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