Bunnies Here, Bunnies There, Bunnies Everywhere!

Hi everyone, 

I just stopped my to show you what we've been working on in my class! 
We have been busy little bunnies writing and crafting :)

I started my writer's workshop the same way I always do, with a read aloud and a class story! This week, my kiddies decided to get creative with their title! I love how they came up with this story as a team and shared ideas back and forth until they were happy with what they all chose. They chatted about different options for our ending and I think they chose a perfect one for this story! I'm so proud of my firsties :)

We then worked on our own stories. 

I'd like to give a big SHOUT OUT to my amazing resource teacher! I don't know how I'd EVER survive writer's workshop without her! 
You're awesome, Emily :)

Take a look at our beautiful crafts! I have 20 students in my class so we simply divided the group in half so that we would have 10 of each craft. 

I can't wait for the kiddies to see our bulletin board on Monday! I love watching them look for their own craft and story on our bulletin board. The pride on their faces is priceless ;)

I'm leaving you with a little FREEBIE today!
You can pick it up by downloading the preview of my Egg Hunt Craftivity. Enjoy!

I'll be back tomorrow to show you what we are doing in my grade 4 science class :)

Later gators,

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  1. Those are so cute! I love your bulletin board! Thanks for the freebie too! :)


  2. This is an adorable idea...thanks for sharing!


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