Behavior Management - Calendars And A Clip Chart

Hi everyone, 

I'm here to show you my behavior management plan!
After receiving quite a few emails asking for the 2013-2014 version, I decided to put this thing at the top of my priority list!

I have changed all my calendars to make them more printer-friendly. They now ALL have black and white clip art. You can either print them on white paper and have your students color the pictures or you can print each month on a different colored paper. I think I'm going to do the colored paper thing next year :)

I updated my goals pages to match the new calendars and I perfected the progress sheets also!

This year, I'll be adding something new to the mix! I created a clip chart. Have you seen these?? I'm sure you have because they are ALL OVER blog land! 

If you haven't seen it already, let me explain. I'll be using clothes pins with the students' names on them, which will be clipped to the side of my chart. All students will start each day in the green section titled "Ready To Learn". As the day goes on, students move up or down the chart, depending on their behavior. If a student reaches the "STAR student" (top of the chart) section, he/she gets a sticker on the clothespin. Once a student has 5 stickers on the pin, it goes to the "Hall Of Fame" for everyone to admire ;)
And, of course, this students gets to pick a prize from my treasure box!

I really like this system because students who get their pin brought down have a chance to bring it back up again in the same day! This gives them a chance to redeem themselves if they slipped up in the morning :)

How am I going to use this with my calendars? Simple! At the end of each day, I'll put a little sticker with the color that each student gets for the day. So parents will still get a calendar with the "behavior info" at the end of each month. 

I took down my classroom to fast and COMPLETELY forgot to take a picture of my calendars! Here is how my buddy Isabelle has set up her calendars. Isn't it pretty? ;)

You can grab this NEW pack at my TPT store HERE or by clicking on the picture below. 

Let's talk!
What strategies to do YOU use in your classroom for behavior management?
Leave me a comment below and I'll pick one lucky winner in 3 days.
Good luck :)

Later gators,

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  1. Do you think this would work for 2nd grade that rotates classes 3 times a day?


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