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With Back To School season already here, I thought I'd show you my bathroom pass system. I found this idea on Pinterest but I have NO idea who posted this on their blog because I never pinned it... Sorry! 
(I'll add the link when I find it, promise!)

I'm pretty strict with my bathroom rule and my rule is pretty simple... there is NO bathroom! Ha! I really don't like letting the kids leave the room for a "pretend" bathroom break. I give them plenty of opportunities to go to the bathroom at recess, lunch, and between classes, so there really is no reason for them to need a bathroom trip during class time. However, I do understand that they may really need to go between break times such as recess and lunch. SO, in order to allow them the opportunity to "break the rules", I have started this system.

Here is how I use my passes:

I give each child a bathroom pass every Monday morning. I put my students' names on the cards in order to avoid mix ups during the week. 

I made both 'bathroom' and 'washroom' passes after my students pointed out that some people call it differently. Those kids are so SMART! ;)

They are allowed to use their pass once a week. I should mention, though, that I started using this system in March so I may give them the opportunity to use their pass more often at the beginning of the year. 
When they need to go, they simply put their pass in the bucket and they can go. They only have one chance to go during class time so they are very careful about when to use their pass!
To make this even more interesting, I have a draw every Friday with the passes that have NOT been used and the winner gets to choose a prize from my treasure chest! If a child has remembered to go during breaks and has not used his/her pass during the week, it gets put in a box for our weekly draw. It's so nice to see them take this seriously! This system is really a great way to teach them responsibility! 

I had ONE big question from co-workers when I put this system into place in my classroom and I realize that you may have the same question so how about I answer it here?

What happens if a child really needs to go but wants to save his/her pass for the draw? Aren't you risking the chance of accidents?
The short answer is... I guess I am! Haha!
Actually, we teachers really have a gift for finding out if a child really needs to go. I used this system for 3 months last year and I never had an accident. My students used their pass if they really needed to and saved it if they could. So far so good ;)

This system has saved me so many headaches, you have NO idea! No more "Miss, can I go to the bathroom?" at very inappropriate times of the day. I just LOVE it!

I hope this classroom tip was helpful!

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  2. Thanks for Posting ! first time I have found a genuine post related to Washroom Gaming

  3. I totally agree that teachers can tell when a student "needs to go." I have never seen a once a week pass before, but I can totally see how it works. I tend to give my students four passes a semester (or this year three per partial/term) and if they don't use them they can turn them in for extra credit (they're worth a homework assignment). I call mine "Hall Passes" and they can use them if they need to get a book from another class, get a drink of water or go to the bathroom. talks about my methods and four others that some teachers use!


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