Bus Safety Craftivity & Literacy Activities!

Hi everyone, 

I'm here to show you my newly updated craftivity!
This was my VERY FIRST craftivity and I made it back on May 2012. I didn't really know what I was doing but I was proud of it anyway! Ha!

I decided now was the right time to give this LITTLE thing a BIG makeover. So... it has gone from 19 pages to 74!!! I know! Crazy, right??

Have you guessed what it is yet?

It's my school bus craft! Yay!! 

I just love teaching all about bus safety at the beginning of the year because I find it super important to get those kiddos home safely. I also really love teaching them all the different rules and getting them to practice them all! We literally make up our own scenarios and act them out! So much fun :)

Let me show you my pack and you might understand where all my excitement is coming  from!

I started by making an early reader because I found them SO effective last year. I made a full page version, which I will be using on my iPad. The kids LOVE when I read them a book on my iPad... I guess it's just sooo much 'cooler' than a regular book, right?? ;)

I also made a black and white version for the kids to use. We'll be using these little books for shared reading activities throughout the week. 

I made some bubble maps, a class survey, and a labeling activity. 

I also made some writing pages. I included them with both primary AND secondary lines. 

I added some bus tags to my pack too!

Finally, the craftivity part of this pack! I decided to make a little book out of the bus craft this time. I made pages to go with each safety rule from my easy reader. I made one with all the words from my story and one with blank spaces. I'll be using the blank spaces version and I will get my students to fill in the missing information. I can't wait to get my new bunch to work on this craft!

** I included 2 sizes for this template. Some of my students come to grade one with limited cutting skills. A larger template is usually best for them ;)

I hope you like what you see!
I'll post pictures of our bus safety adventures when I use this pack in my classroom :)

Later gators,

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  1. Is there a link somewhere to purchase the bus safety activities?


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