Facebook Freebie Hop!

Hi everyone,

I have finally been given to OK to tell you all about our BIG surprise!! It seems like MANY of you have already figured it out by the looks of it ;)

It's a Facebook FREEBIE Hop!! Yahooo :)

A bunch of us over at Kinderland have been working really hard to organize this and we are pleased to announce that our Facebook Hop is LIVE!! 

All you have to do is make sure you LIKE all our Facebook pages in order to have access to all the amazing freebies!! It's very simple... start at my page, since you are here, and just keep clicking until you reach mine again (you will have come full circle and visited ALL the pages that are participating). We are over 40 Facebook pages so have fun and enjoy all our freebies!!

Happy 4th of July everyone,

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