Sight Words Fun!

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 Today's post is all about sight words!

I'm always looking for new ways to encourage my students to practice their sights words so I thought I'd share a few of my ideas and hopefully some of these will be new to you ;)

Summer is the best time to take out the chalk and get our kiddies writing outside! Putting the old 'paper and pencil' aside and using different ways to write is a great way to motivate our students to keep practicing those sight words!

Finger writing in a plate of salt can be so much fun! If you want a large surface, swap the plate with a cookie sheet and you have yourself a nice large area for finger writing. You can also use sand instead of salt ;)

My students LOVE playing with a beach ball! I get them at the dollar store and I write sight words all over them. Students pass the ball around and whatever word is touched by their right thumb is the word they need to read to the group. You just never know where your thumb will land when you catch the ball!

Legos and blocks are a favorite in my class! I use them for building letters and making words.

Stamps is a great way to replace the pencils for some fun sight words writing!

We also enjoy writing our words with letter stickers! The kids love taking them home to show mom and dad ;)

Magnets are also a favorite! I use different sizes on different days. It keeps them on their toes ;)

White boards are so much fun to write on! We use gloves to erase our work.

Play dough is not only a game, ya know! It can also be used for sight word practice ;)

Along with these fun activities above, I also use task cards for our sight words practice. I put all my ideas together a created this pack with 56 ideas. That's right! 56! I think I made enough to last me the entire school year :)

I included an editable version so you can add your own ideas to the mix!

This set also comes with word lists. I included BOTH Dolch and Fry because I know we all use different word lists ;)
If you want to read more about this pack, you can go visit my TPT store!

What fun activities to YOU use in your class to make sight words fun? I'd love to hear from you so please leave me a comment below if you want to share your ideas with me!

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