A Word Wall Tip!

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I have been seeing quite a bit of discussion about word walls lately... probably because we are all heading back into our classrooms to start our decorating frenzy! Some of my blogging friends have already started their school year! Wow!!

I thought I'd show you how I set up my word wall today...

I like to encourage my students to USE the word wall, not just let it sit pretty on our wall... Ha!
That being said, I decided to make it usable by adding magnets to the back of each word card. This way, when the kids need help with spelling a word, they can simply walk over to the word wall and grab the word that they need. I encourage them to take it to their seat and bring it back when they are done. 

This is great for so many reasons! Not only do the kids get to bring the words to their seat and have them nice and close to copy but they also get plenty of moving time during our Writer's Workshop! I have noticed that my little "busy bodies" can write for a longer period of time with movement opportunities. My word wall has been an excellent tool in my classroom!

If you like the word wall cards that you see above, you can find them at my TPT store HERE!

How do YOU set up your word wall? I'd love to hear from you so leave me a comment if you would like to share some tips with me!

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