Peek At My Week - Centers! *2 Freebies*

Hi everyone,

I'm here to show give you a sneak peak at my plans for this week!
I know everyone linked up yesterday but I was out enjoying a nice relaxing family day on the lake yesterday so... Here it is a little late!

This is my very first time linking up with the fabulous Mrs.Wills and I'm very excited about it! I plan to show you my plans every week. 
It is a school year resolution of mine :)

I haven't created a super cool week plan page yet and I'm not brave enough to show you my planner book so... 
this week, I'm showing you my centers plans!
I promise to make a more detailed plan for next week. Baby steps, right??

My little stars have been learning to work in their center groups for a few weeks now and I am SO proud of them! They have become so independent and are finally learning the art of WHISPERING! It's music to my ears! HA!

I have 10 centers in my class and I mix literacy and math together instead of having two separate rotation boards. I may have to change that later on but, for the beginning of the year, I feel it really work well this way. 

Don't forget to click on my center plans below! I have included 2 fun freebies for you :)

Have a great week!

Later gators,

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  1. Hi Valerie, I'm your newest follower! I just found your blog through Mrs. Wills blog. I just started posting my plans too. I understand about the baby steps! Your center plans look great. Have a great week!

    Learn + Play = PreK

  2. Hi! I'm new to your blog, but came across it through TeachersPayTeachers forum. Anyways, I love your "Peek at My Week". Can't wait to keep seeing more :)
    One, Two, Three: Math Time


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