Plenty Of Apples!

Hi everyone,

I'm here to show you what we have been up to this week... we learned all about APPLES!

I sent a letter home to my kiddos' parents last week asking them to bring in an apple for our theme. 

With our apples, we did a super fun sorting game!
We sorted our apples by color and then filled out this activity page using tally marks and numbers. We just learned how to tally this week so I was really proud to see my little ones using their new tallying skills!

We also did a sink or float experiment! The kids were SO happy when we got to actually test it out! 
It was really cute to see :)

I can't believe how good they are getting at graphing!

Guess what we did NEXT!
A craft, of course!! Hehehe!

This beautiful craft, along with the other activities in this blog post, are from the amazing Miss Kindergarten. She is one talented TPT seller! The kids literally cheered for joy when I showed them what craft we would be working on this week :)

What a FUN week!

I'll be going apple picking tomorrow with the fam and my boys are SUPER excited! I just hope those rain clouds go away ;)

I've been working on some new packs so I'll be back very soon to show you what I made :)

Later gators,

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