Desk Disaster! An Organization Tip

Hi everyone,

Do you struggle with getting your kidlettes to keep their desks in a straight line? Sometimes, I feel like my students have changed my perfectly planned desk arrangement to their very own mess! We always start each day with a super tidy classroom but, by the end of they day, it always looks like our desks had a party and we weren't invited! HA!

Last week, I decided to help my little ones by using an old trick. Sometimes, an old trick goes a long way! In this case, this old trick helps keep me sane! 

I placed the desks EXACTLY where I wanted them. I then used tape to make guidelines on the floor and VOILA! We now have a classroom with desks that STAY IN PLACE! 

I hope this little trick will help some of you!

Later gators,

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  1. ....yay, it is not just me... I'm going to try this :)

  2. I was just talking about this with one of my co-workers! They are constantly moving their desks - drives me crazy! I may try this trick. Although our janitors get a little grumpy when we put tape on the floor. Hopefully I don't get in trouble!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple

  3. This is a great idea for a tiled room! My room has carpet, and we've been forbidden from putting tape on the floor. Last year I decided to use zip ties to attach my desks together. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

  4. I have a carpet floor as well. I use the hook part of velcro. I bought it in one huge roll and cut it to size.

  5. What type of tape did you use? I'm concerned that it will come up too easily when the floor gets swept, cleaned etc.


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