Loads Of Leaves!

Hi everyone,

I just LOVE Fall! It's my favorite time of the year and I use every opportunity to share it with my students!

Today, we did a fun sorting activity with colorful leaves. We also completed a graph. The BEST part was that we did it ALL outside! The kids had a blast and it was really nice to get the extra fresh air. It was a win-win! Ha!

It was really windy so we decided to sort our leaves in plastic bags! I got four students to hold the bags and we each took a turn to pick a leaf and place it in the correct bag. 

My fabulous student teacher took our portable white board outside and she made a graph with the class. 

Once we had our class graph on the white board, we came back to class to complete our own graphs. 

What a GREAT day :)

I'm leaving you with a freebie tonight! 
Click in the picture below to grab the graphing page. I hope you and your kiddies enjoy it! WE sure did :)

Later gators,

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