Ready To GO Printables!

Hi everyone, 

Have you seen my new Ready To GO packs yet? I have been LOVING these new printables! They have not only been a life saver for me but have also helped me motivate some of my little kiddos! 

Let me give you a little peek...

We used these activities at the very beginning of the year to practice our letter order.


We also practiced matching upper case letters with lower case letters. 

For beginning sounds, we worked with several activities. This was a fun coloring page. Students had to choose a letter for the beginning sound and color it. Every time we get the opportunity to take out our crayons, it feels like my students won the lottery! They just LOVE it!

We matched letters to pictures with this cut & paste activity.

We also worked on sorting pictures by their beginning sounds. I think this was a favorite!

My students needed extra practice with their printing skills this year so I made several activity sheets with some printing practice! This one was a beginning sound search.

Finally, we worked on beginning and ending sounds of CVC words. I love watching my students write CVC words because they seem so proud to be able to write ACTUAL words! It's precious :)

We've been busy working on our math skills too!
We practiced our number ordering skills with this cut and paste activity.

Some of my little ones needed practice with their counting so we used some fun counting activities like this one.

We learned all about before & after. This was a BIG one since my students are mostly ESL. We had to work extra hard on remembering what the words before and after mean. Once we got that settled, we did an awesome job with this activity!

We also discovered the words odd and even! This one is still a work in progress but we are getting better and better each day :)

Finally, we worked on some "Trace, Tally, & Paste" pages.

My students are really enjoying these!

**If you want to grab these fun activities for your class, click on the picture below**

I also made 2 other Ready To GO packs: one for addition and subtraction, and one for making words.
I'll be back to show you these activities very soon but if you want to check them out now, you can take a peak by clicking on the pictures below!

** I'm leaving you with a fun freebie today! Click on the picture below to grab it! **

Later gators,

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