Gingerbread Men & Stocking Surprises!

Hi everyone.

I'm here to show you what we have been up to this week!
We have been busy little elves, learning about gingerbread men and filling our stockings with really fun stuff!

Here are a few pics of our beautiful work:

 Look who showed up the next morning...
Rosie liked our gingerbread men SO much that she decided to hang around with them ALL day!
I think this was one of my students' favorite spots for our little elf ;)

Here are some pics of our stocking crafts:

I gave them 2 options for the eyes so some clever beavers 
decided to make their mouse wink! So cute!!

After making our crafts, we worked on this quick writing activity. Take a look at what some of my firsties found in their stockings... Precious!
If I ever found stars and snow in my stocking, I'd be a happy camper too! Hehehe!

You can find both these crafts at my TPT store.
Just click on the pictures below:

That's it for now, boys and girls! 
Join me tomorrow when I show you what our elf has been up to all week!
She sure is a silly elf, that Rosie ;)

Later gators,

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