Choo, Choo! The 100th Day Train Is Here!

Hi everyone, 

I'm here to tell you a little bit about my 100th Day craftivity!
Depending on where you are in the world, your 100th day could be right around the corner... or a month from now. Regardless, it's never too early to start planning this special day!

In my school, 100th Day is celebrated in ALL grades. Every grade has different activities that are planned throughout the week and our big 100th Day assembly is held at the end of the week. This way, all our students end the celebration together. 

I decided to make a nice 100th Day celebration bulletin board this year!
This craftivity is sure to make our hallway fun for our big week :)

This craftivity comes with everything you need to celebrate 100th day of school!
* 100th Day art project - includes letter to parents with instructions
* 100th Day Hat
* Mini Book
* Building Words
* 2 Writing Prompts (primary & secondary lines)
* Complete template for train craft

I also made a FREEBIE for everyone... 100th Day bookmarks!

I included it in the preview file at my TPT store.

Later gators,

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Valentine's Day Friends!

Hi everyone, 

I'm here to show you my Valentine's Day craftivities! 
I had so many ideas for Valentine's Day that I decided to make 4 of them! I actually had to stop myself because my TPT store would have become a complete Valentine's Day store... HA!

The first craft is my Forever Frog. He is my favorite! I am so in love with him and I just can't wait to make him with my little one :)

The next one is my Fluttering Friends! I just LOVE  butterflies so I couldn't resist making this little guy :)

I also made a ladybug, just because ;)

Each craft comes with a bunch of fun Valentine's Day writing activities for your kiddies. You can click on the pictures above to read all about each craftivity pack.
Just like many of my other themed craftivities, I put all these crafts together to make a nice 
Valentine's Day Craftivities BUNDLE!

 And I threw in this cute little flower!

 You can get all these crafts separately OR you can get the bundle. I like to sometimes assign different crafts to my students. This way, instead of having 20 of the same craft, I like get 4-5 of each craft to make the bulletin board a little different :)

I hope you like my craftivities. I have so much fun making them, you have NO idea! Hehehe!

And now for you FREEBIE lovers out there... I updated my Valentine's Day ABC Order game. 
You can grab yourself  copy by clicking on the picture. 
Enjoy :)

Later gators,

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Product Swap

Hi everyone, 

I'm here for the BIG product swap event today!

I've been paired up with the lovely Kerri from Ms.Kerri And Her Krazy Klass (isn't the name of her blog so clever??)

I'm very excited to be giving you a close look at her Puppy Love math activities pack!

Alright, let's get started!

The first activity in this pack was a number order. Kerri made these cute little heart number cards to make this activity fun and inviting. Look how cute!

The next activity is all about counting. Students count the number of hearts in the box and write the number next to each box. 

For the next activity, you need to help the puppy by drawing how many hearts he needs for his Valentines. I did this activity with my 4 year old so we decided to take it a little further and use objects to count instead of drawing pictures. He loved it!

The number cards for the 'counting by 10s' activity are just so adorable :)

For the addition activity sheets, I decided to use little heart erasers that I found at the dollar store. This way, we can use this sheet over and over again!

I also found these cute shiny stickers in the holiday section of my dollar store. I put them to good use for the roll and cover game!
 I love that Kerri made this game into a little contest by adding the element of having a winner. So smart! My kids always enjoy trying to beat each other in a friendly game :)

If you like what you see, go check out Kerri's math pack in her TPT store. You won't regret it!

You also HAVE to check out her beautiful blog!! She has amazing ideas so go follow her to stay in touch :)

We have also decided to have a little giveaway during this product swap! All you have to do is follow both our blogs and TPT stores to enter for a chance to win both our featured items in today's product swap. Don't forget to fill out the rafflecopter :)

Later gators,

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Tech Help - Make Your Words GLOW

Hi everyone,

I'm here to show you a new trick on Power Point today!
Ever wondered how I make my words GLOW like in this picture?

Well, let me show you!
(Note that you can click on any picture below to view them larger on your computer screen)

First, you need to open a new page in Power Point.

Then enter a text, just like you normally do. 

You may want to change the font type and size before making it glow.

You then need to highlight your text and click on "Text effects". In the text effects section, you will find GLOW. Choose this and then choose the variation and color of your glow effect. 

I usually do one more little thing to my text to make the letters stand out even more!
Highlight your text again, go to "text outline" and choose a color that is close to your glow color. I like to make the outline a little thicker by going to "outline weight". 

Voila! You're done!

The variations of colors, thickness in glow, and different outlines are really a personal choice. I suggest you play around with it to find the perfect glow effect for you! Have fun :)

Later gators,

Fern Smith's Thursday's Tech Tips for Teachers


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Building Words FREEBIE

Hi everyone,

First, I'd like to congratulate Tanya for winning my Brain Breaks pack! I really hope you like them :)
 If you haven't seen that post, you can read all about it HERE.

I've been updating a few of my older products on my TPT store lately and I wanted to share one with you today. It's my building words center.
This page has a blank space so you can add whatever word you want every time you use it!

I hope you like it... Leave me a comment if you do!
I'll be back tomorrow for a new tech help post and this weekend I'll be sharing my Valentine's Day craftivities and another FREEBIE!

Later gators,

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Brain Breaks

Hi everyone,

Are you sometimes finding your students off task or simply "on cloud 9"? We often think this happens because a student is not interested in completing assigned work or "doesn't care about school". The day I realized that this was incorrect, I changed my way of thinking drastically!

Did you know that kids sometimes just need a break? Even as adults, we often find ourselves getting antsy after working on a specific task for a long period of time. We will get up and take break by doing simple things like making a cup of coffee or emptying the dishwasher. Well, just like adults, children need breaks too!

In my classroom, I use brain breaks. 
My students LOVE them!
Brain breaks are simply quick and easy activities that get us up out of our seat for just 2-3 minutes. I've been using brain breaks for years now and I adore them because they really help students refresh their attentions spans and move their bodies a little in order to find their better sitting positions (kids tend to 'slouch' after sitting too long). 

I usually do these breaks every 20-30 minutes, depending on what we are working on. I just announce to my students that we will be taking a brain break and they know exactly what this means. It does NOT mean that they can get up and start chatting with their neighbor. I have them 'trained' early in the year to get up and wait for instructions. I then tell them what activity we will do and we do it without causing commotion. The rule is simple. If the group of students in the classroom next door is aware that we are doing a brain break, it's because we were too loud! The reason I am so strict with these brain breaks is because I want my students to be in control of their actions. This will help them be more able to sit down and get right back to work once we are finished our break ;)

Over the years, I've come up with different activities that we can do during brain breaks. I decided to make myself some cards with every activity typed onto them. 
Look what I made!
There is a FREEBIE in the preview file!

This pack includes 52 brain break cards and an EDITABLE version too!

Now, I have a cute little deck of cards that I keep on my desk :)

When we are in need of a break, I turn my pack over, fan them out like a deck of cards, and ask a student to pick a card (just like a magic trick). My kiddies love having their turn to pick a card!

What do you do to keep your students on task? Leave me a comment and I will choose one person who will win my new Move & Groove - Brain Breaks For Your Classroom Pack!

Don't forget to leave your email.

Later gators,

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Tech Help - Using Grid Lines

Hi everyone,

I'm here to share a new tech tip for you today!

Have you ever wondered how to get your graphics, text boxes, and tables to align properly on Power Point? It's actually quite simple. All you need to do is use GRID LINES.

Let me show you how!

First, you need to open a new page in Power Point.

Next, right click on your page and choose "grid and guides".
A box will pop up andit will like like this.
 Click in the box next to "display grid on screen".

Voila! You now have grid lines on each page of your new document!

click on the picture to enlarge

This will help with aligning everything you want on your page.

I hope you found this little tutorial helpful.
Please leave me a comment if there is a specific tip you would like me to share with you next time!

Later gators,

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