Hi everyone,

I am here to show you my St. Patrick's Day craftivities!
They have been posted in my store for some time now but I felt no need to share them here too early... 

How cute are these??? Hehehe!

As some of you already know, I have been on maternity leave for almost a year now and guess what! I am returning to work in 2 weeks!!! Oh my... I am SO excited! These little guys are the first craft that I'll be making with my class :)

If you are interested in getting this pack, you may want to know that I have included some fun writing pages too!

I also updated my St.Patrick's pack. 

This was one of the very first packs that I made for my TPT store last year and, although it was a success, it needed to be updated! I not only changed the look of EVERY page in this pack but I also added a bunch of new activities too! 

- 24 Word Wall cards
- ABC Order center
- 2 Acrostic poems
- Building Words Game - comes with 2 recording sheets
- Word Search
- Rainbow Compound Words
- Sentence Writing Activity
- File Folder Word Wall
 - 3 Writing Pages (both primary and secondary lines)

The activity pack ALSO comes with both craftivities 
so you don't have to purchase both packs if you want it all :)
If you want to check out this item, click HERE.

I also have a FREEBIE for all of you today...
It's a Building Words activity!

You can get it by simply downloading the preview file of my St.Patrick's Day Activity Pack HERE.
I hope you enjoy this fun game!

Later gators,

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Spring Is In The Air...

Hi everyone, 

I feel like I haven't stopped by in a while... 

I've been working on updating all my older packs and I wanted to show you my NEW Spring packs! 
I made so many changes to these 2 items and added a bunch of new activities too!

First, my Spring unit. This pack is HUGE!!

* Word Wall
* Word Wall Activity
* Writing Sentences
* 5 Senses
* Venn Diagrams
* Making Words
* Read/Write The Room
* Board Game With Spring Words
* Sight Words Game
* Synonyms & Antonyms
* Parts Of Speech
* Bubble Map
* Sunshine Homophones
* Mini Book
* Word Searches
* Writing Prompts
* Bookmarks
* Reading Motivation Charts
* Ladybug Craftivity

127 pages of goodness!!

Second, my Pants & Weather pack.

* Word Wall
* Writing Sentences
* Scrambled Words
* ABC Order
* Spring Things - using adjectives to describe what we see
* Word Search
* Bean Sprout Observation Project
* Plant Labels For Your Students
* Plant Needs Activity
* April Showers Prediction Project
* Sorting Trash Activity
* Butterfly Craft Instructions
* Earth Day Craft Template

These 2 units are bundled so if you plan on getting both, be sure to grab the bundled set!

I can NOT wait to use these units with my class :)

Last thing before I go...

I made a class book that I will be working on with my little ones. Each student will be filling out their own "In The Spring" page and I will be putting all these pages together to make a class book!

Grab your copy by clicking on the picture

Later gators,


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