Hi everyone,

I am here to show you my St. Patrick's Day craftivities!
They have been posted in my store for some time now but I felt no need to share them here too early... 

How cute are these??? Hehehe!

As some of you already know, I have been on maternity leave for almost a year now and guess what! I am returning to work in 2 weeks!!! Oh my... I am SO excited! These little guys are the first craft that I'll be making with my class :)

If you are interested in getting this pack, you may want to know that I have included some fun writing pages too!

I also updated my St.Patrick's pack. 

This was one of the very first packs that I made for my TPT store last year and, although it was a success, it needed to be updated! I not only changed the look of EVERY page in this pack but I also added a bunch of new activities too! 

- 24 Word Wall cards
- ABC Order center
- 2 Acrostic poems
- Building Words Game - comes with 2 recording sheets
- Word Search
- Rainbow Compound Words
- Sentence Writing Activity
- File Folder Word Wall
 - 3 Writing Pages (both primary and secondary lines)

The activity pack ALSO comes with both craftivities 
so you don't have to purchase both packs if you want it all :)
If you want to check out this item, click HERE.

I also have a FREEBIE for all of you today...
It's a Building Words activity!

You can get it by simply downloading the preview file of my St.Patrick's Day Activity Pack HERE.
I hope you enjoy this fun game!

Later gators,

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A Pep Talk

Hi everyone,

I know this has been going around but, in case you haven't gotten your pep talk yet, I'm sharing this with YOU!


Later gators,

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Time For A Celebration... It's A 2 For 1 SALE!

Hi everyone,

I'm back today, as promised, to give you my BIG announcement...

This weekend I will be celebrating a new milestone... my 100th TPT store item! YAY!!
I can't believe I have already made 100 items for my TPT store... It feels like I started just yesterday!

I'm having a 2 for 1 sale at my TPT store and I'm telling you about it now so that you can 

Saturday and Sunday, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of my sale. It's very simple! All you have to do is purchase your first item at my store and email me at valyoung30@gmail.com with your pick for your second item. I will be busy sending everyone their picks all weekend.

Your free item must be the same or lesser value of your first purchase. HOWEVER, you can choose to make your free item 2 products that amount to the price of your first purchase. For example, if you buy something at 6$ you can choose two items at 3$ for your free pick! Now that's a great deal!!

Want to prepare for this BIG event? Here are some of my newest store items!
 (Click on the pictures to get more info on each product)

I will also be choosing ONE lucky winner to receive a 30$ shopping spree at my TPT store. Just fill out the rafflecopter below to enter the giveaway! GOOD LUCK!
Looking forward to sending you all your FREE items & choosing my lucky winner :)

Later gators,

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Spring Is In The Air...

Hi everyone, 

I feel like I haven't stopped by in a while... 

I've been working on updating all my older packs and I wanted to show you my NEW Spring packs! 
I made so many changes to these 2 items and added a bunch of new activities too!

First, my Spring unit. This pack is HUGE!!

* Word Wall
* Word Wall Activity
* Writing Sentences
* 5 Senses
* Venn Diagrams
* Making Words
* Read/Write The Room
* Board Game With Spring Words
* Sight Words Game
* Synonyms & Antonyms
* Parts Of Speech
* Bubble Map
* Sunshine Homophones
* Mini Book
* Word Searches
* Writing Prompts
* Bookmarks
* Reading Motivation Charts
* Ladybug Craftivity

127 pages of goodness!!

Second, my Pants & Weather pack.

* Word Wall
* Writing Sentences
* Scrambled Words
* ABC Order
* Spring Things - using adjectives to describe what we see
* Word Search
* Bean Sprout Observation Project
* Plant Labels For Your Students
* Plant Needs Activity
* April Showers Prediction Project
* Sorting Trash Activity
* Butterfly Craft Instructions
* Earth Day Craft Template

These 2 units are bundled so if you plan on getting both, be sure to grab the bundled set!

I can NOT wait to use these units with my class :)

Last thing before I go...

I made a class book that I will be working on with my little ones. Each student will be filling out their own "In The Spring" page and I will be putting all these pages together to make a class book!

Grab your copy by clicking on the picture

Later gators,


Freebie Fridays


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TPT Sale & A BIG Game

Hi everyone,
Today is Super Sale Day and we are playing a little game!

Hop on over to Kathie's blog to get the details on how you can win some amazing prizes :)

Good luck everyone,

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Borders Galore!

Hi everyone,

I just came by to show you my new borders sets!

 Click on the pictures to get more info :)

Later gators,

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