Plant Observations

Hi everyone,

I'm back today to show you what we've been working on in my grade 4 science class!
We have been chatting away about plants and we took some time to observe some this week. I was so impressed with my students! The things that they noticed when observing the plants were just amazing! These kiddies are smart cookies in grade 4 :) 

Once we worked in our groups to observe and discuss our findings, we then filled out our recording sheet. 

You can pick up this freebie by downloading the preview file of my Plants & Weather Unit
We also took some time to share our findings. This was really interesting because each group was given a different plant to observe so we had very different findings! 

We had so much fun with our plants this week! I can't wait to show you what we will be doing next ;)

I'll be coming back soon to show you how I read my buddy's books to my class so stay tuned!

Later gators,

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Bunnies Here, Bunnies There, Bunnies Everywhere!

Hi everyone, 

I just stopped my to show you what we've been working on in my class! 
We have been busy little bunnies writing and crafting :)

I started my writer's workshop the same way I always do, with a read aloud and a class story! This week, my kiddies decided to get creative with their title! I love how they came up with this story as a team and shared ideas back and forth until they were happy with what they all chose. They chatted about different options for our ending and I think they chose a perfect one for this story! I'm so proud of my firsties :)

We then worked on our own stories. 

I'd like to give a big SHOUT OUT to my amazing resource teacher! I don't know how I'd EVER survive writer's workshop without her! 
You're awesome, Emily :)

Take a look at our beautiful crafts! I have 20 students in my class so we simply divided the group in half so that we would have 10 of each craft. 

I can't wait for the kiddies to see our bulletin board on Monday! I love watching them look for their own craft and story on our bulletin board. The pride on their faces is priceless ;)

I'm leaving you with a little FREEBIE today!
You can pick it up by downloading the preview of my Egg Hunt Craftivity. Enjoy!

I'll be back tomorrow to show you what we are doing in my grade 4 science class :)

Later gators,

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Spring Is Almost HERE!

Hi everyone, 

Since Spring is right around the corner (Yahoo!), I thought I'd show you a few things from my store!

I've posted many craftivities and units these past months and I can't wait to put them to good use in my class!

I made a craft for rainy days.

And a craft for April Fool's.
This one is going to be so much fun! I can't wait to teach my kiddies how to write riddles :)

I also made a craft for Easter!

Finally, I updated my 2 Spring units. 
One is filled with fun literacy activities and the other is all about plants and weather!

Click on the pictures above to find out what is included in each pack. 
Some of these have FREEBIES in the previews!

I also made a cute class book for the new season :)
It's a FREEBIE too!


Later gators,

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All About Leprechauns!!

We learned all about leprechauns this week!!

First, we did a shared reading. We started by reading this book together and then we made our own! Everyone got to make their own page for the end of their book!

*Click on the picture for your freebie!*

I was very impressed with my students' ideas for hiding places ;)

Next, we wrote a class story. My kiddies had so much fun sharing their ideas for this story! They are so proud of Tom the leprechaun and they love that he is quite the trickster ;)

Then, we wrote our very own leprechaun stories.

Of course, own stories wouldn't be complete without a cute craft to go with it!

Let's not forget my fabulous grade 4 students... 
They made a beautiful craft too :)

This was an amazing week!

What did your class do for St. Patrick's Day?



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Sight Words & Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe FREEBIE

Hi everyone,

I've been so busy this past week trying to get myself organized... I'm FINALLY going back to work after a year-long maternity leave and I can't wait! 
I've been scrambling to prepare my new classroom look, my literacy centers, and my new homework packet! Oh my! 

I have so many new things to share with you... Today I'll be showing you my sight words homework. 

This tic-tac-toe strategy is nothing new, of course, but I decided that I would make myself a new one for my weekly homework. The kids love it and, quite frankly, so do I! :)

I made a space at the top so that I can simply write our words every week. I'll be writing different words for those who need a challenge or those who are struggling and need easier words.  

I also included a section that says "week of" in order for me to be sure that students are using the correct sheet week after week!

I use 3 versions of this page in a rotation. You will notice the numbers 1,2 & 3 at the bottom right corner of the pages. I do this in order to make sure my students do not always choose the same 3 activities every week!

Each page in this pack comes with both titles "sight words" and "spelling words". You can choose which ones you want to use for your class!

The last pages are the recording sheets. I photocopy this page at the back of the tic-tac-toe sheet so that it doesn't get lost. 

I use this activity as part of my homework packet. However, this can also be used as a literacy center.

If you want to give this a try with your class, you can pick it up at my TPT store for FREE!

Tomorrow is my first day back to work... Wish me luck!

Later gators,

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