Sneaky E

Hi everyone,

I'm here to show you what we have been up to this week! We are learning all about that Sneaky E character!

My students really got into this little guy named E and have improved in their writing a whole lot thanks to what we have learned about him!

We started the week with a read aloud about this sneaky e. We learned that, although he is very quiet, he sure knows how to play tricks on us!

We had a fun matching game in our literacy centers which helped us look at different words that have this silent e. 

We also did a Read/Write the Room game. This was the first time that we played this game in our class and I seriously CANNOT believe how much the kids got into it! They were so quiet and stayed on task the entire time. I loved watching them walk around our classroom trying to find all the word cards :)

We worked on some cut & paste worksheets.

AND we ended our week with a Sneaky E craft!

Wow... that was FUN :)

How do YOU teach the silent e?


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Later gators,


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Product Swap - A Dental Health Unit

Hi everyone, 

I'm here to show you all about my blogging buddy's Dental Health Unit!
Michelle, from Just Wild About Teaching, has an awesome dental health unit and I'm so happy that I got to use this in my classroom with my little ones!

Let me show you what it's all about.

We started our week with a read aloud and an easy reader that I created to go with Michelle's unit. I've been creating lots of these lately and they are a great way to get my kids excited about a new topic!

Once we read our teeth books and shared them with our partners, we moved on to the big unit!

We learned new vocabulary words, discussed healthy and unhealthy foods, worked on ABC order, and did fun building words activity!

We ended our week with a fabulous tooth craft. The kids LOVED this theme and had to much fun making this craft. 

When they came to school the next morning, I watched them find their crafts on the bulletin board and the pride in their faces was adorable!

If you want to grab Michelle's unit, you can find it HERE
I highly recommend it. 
You won't be disappointed!

Later gators,

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Early Readers On My iPad

Hi everyone,

If you follow my TPT store, you may have noticed that I have been making some new early readers to go with my units and craftivities. This all started when my buddy Nicole over at Today In Second Grade created a book to go with her Leprechauns craft. I fell in love with the book but couldn't quite use it with my kiddies because the vocabulary was too difficult for my littles... So I had to get to work and create my own! HA!

I started with a little book for my leprechaun craft and then went on to make MORE! My kids love them :)

With every book that I make, I always create a full-page version for my read aloud. I make this one with colorful clip art, of course!
I also make the same book in a half-page version with black and white clip art.

Once I have read the book to my kiddies, I give them their very own book and they use it as a shared reader! They read the book with a partner and do a word hunt. I always ask them to hunt for specific sounds and/or words. For example, if we are working on the sneaky E, they have to find words with a silent e and highlight those words in their book. Once we have worked with our readers, they can then color the pictures to make the book their own. My students literally gobble this activity up!! It's amazing to watch them reading their stories with their partners and looking for words in their books :)

Want to know how I read the teacher version of my book?? I use my iPAd! This way, I don't have to use up any color ink to print the book! HA! I'm all about saving my ink ;)

The kids love that I read them the book on my iPad. For some reason, it makes it THAT much more exciting! Hehehe

Let me show you how I save the book onto my iPad. 
First, I saved my book as a PDF. (If you purchase my early readers, it will already be saved as a PDF for you)
All I have to do is drag the PDF file into my iTUNES and then sync it with my iPad. Just like if I was syncing my music to my iPad or iPhone! It's THAT easy!!

Once it is synced, I can find all my readers in my iBooks app on my iPad.

It's so easy to find my books once I get to school. They are always all at the same place :)

You can find my Easy Readers in my TPT store HERE.

I hope you like them!

Later gators,

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It's Raining Cats And Dogs!

Hi everyone,

I was doing a little organization with my blog this morning and I noticed that I never showed you my Cats & Dogs craftivity! I know... bad blogger!

This has been the best selling item in my store lately and I am so proud of it! I haven't done it with my kiddies yet because we actually STILL have snow here in Quebec!! I know... crazy right?

Here is what I included in this pack:
* ABC Order
* Story Writing With Word Bank
* Acrostic Poem
* Drawing Glyph
* Word Search
* Vocabulary Cards
* Everything you need to make a class survey!

I also made a bunch of writing pages:
* It's Raining Cats And Dogs
* It's Raining, It's Pouring
* Jump, Jump, Jump In The Puddles
* Rainy Days

Worksheets come in both color and black & white (for easy photocopying).

Go check it out in my TPT store! 
There is a little freebie in the preview file.
I hope you like it :)

Later gators,

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