Plenty Of Apples!

Hi everyone,

I'm here to show you what we have been up to this week... we learned all about APPLES!

I sent a letter home to my kiddos' parents last week asking them to bring in an apple for our theme. 

With our apples, we did a super fun sorting game!
We sorted our apples by color and then filled out this activity page using tally marks and numbers. We just learned how to tally this week so I was really proud to see my little ones using their new tallying skills!

We also did a sink or float experiment! The kids were SO happy when we got to actually test it out! 
It was really cute to see :)

I can't believe how good they are getting at graphing!

Guess what we did NEXT!
A craft, of course!! Hehehe!

This beautiful craft, along with the other activities in this blog post, are from the amazing Miss Kindergarten. She is one talented TPT seller! The kids literally cheered for joy when I showed them what craft we would be working on this week :)

What a FUN week!

I'll be going apple picking tomorrow with the fam and my boys are SUPER excited! I just hope those rain clouds go away ;)

I've been working on some new packs so I'll be back very soon to show you what I made :)

Later gators,

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Bus Safety Week

Hi everyone,

I’m here to show you what we were up to LAST WEEK! 
I know, I know… I’m a little late in the game but we had so much fun with our bus safety theme that I decided to show you what we did even though I’m showing you a week late! HA!

If you follow me on Facebook, you got a little peak at the fun stuff already!

First, we started our week with my easy reader. I read it on my iPad so I am now the COOLEST teacher ever! Hehehe!

Have you ever read a book to your class on an iPad before? It’s amazing what a little change can do ;)

After reading the story to the class, I showed my kiddos that they were going to get their VERY OWN BOOK! How amazing is that?? They were so excited, it looked like it was Halloween in my class! To be honest, I was a little shocked with the level of enthusiasm! Take it when you get it, right? ;)

My students worked on their books by completing the sentence on the last page and coloring the pictures to make it their own. They were very proud of their bus books :)

We also worked on a class survey and asked our friends how they get home from school. They LOVED this activity because they got to choose which friends they would ask the questions too. They especially loved that they got the opportunity to get out of their seats! Yay!!

My AMAZING student teacher worked on a bubble map with the class. They discussed describing words and came up with words to describe a bus. The best part was when the buses arrived AS we were working on this activity! What perfect timing!!

The last thing we did was a craft. Each child got to make their very own school bus! We all attached some pages to our craft to make our beautiful bus books. The blank spaces were a great way to review the bus safety rules that we learned at the beginning of the week. What a fun way to wrap up our bus safety theme!

In a couple of weeks, we will have a bus driver visit us to show us how to get on and off the bus safely. The kids don’t know yet… It will be a fun surprise!

I’ll be back this weekend to show you what we did THIS WEEK!

You can find all the activities seen above (and more) in my Bus Safety pack
I'll be leaving it on SALE for the next 24 hours :)

Later gators,

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A Fun First Week!

Hi everyone,

This first week of school sure has kept me busy... I'm super sleepy! 
Thank goodness for weekends... I am taking time to recuperate and prep for my second week. But before I do, I'd like to show you what we did in grade one during these first days of school!

We started the week by learning our classroom rules, procedures, and all that good stuff!
We started using our behavior system, including our clip chart and our calendars. The kiddies were very excited to learn that they have the possibility to move their clip UP! Some of them are working extra hard to see it go up and I'm really excited about that :)

We practiced walking in the hall and had our first mystery walker. 
He was an excellent walker so he got a treat! 
YAY for our first mystery walker! The smile on his face was priceless :)

We started working in our literacy centers this week! It will definitely be a work in progress to get  these little darlings to learn how to WHISPER but we're working on it! Hehehe!!

Our center groups have been working really hard to earn their stars and I was impressed with how well they were following the rules by the end of the week!

We also did our very first Read/Write The Room activity this week.
My student teacher was SUPER impressed with this activity and we both really enjoyed watching our kiddies search the room for cards! It was so much fun :)

Now for my favorite part of the week...
We worked on our first craftivity! You all know how much I love craftivities, right?? 
We read the book "I Like Myself" and shared what we like about ourselves. 

Some of my sweet peas had a hard time understanding the difference between things we like ABOUT ourselves and things we like. Once we got that ironed out, we started writing our qualities on our star crafts. 

The best part about this craftivity was that my students got to work with a partner and give each other compliments! It was adorable to watch them tell their new friends that they are "pretty" and "smart"!

On the plan for next week??
MORE center work, school bus safety, and fun with numbers!
Stay tuned!

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Good luck!

Later gators,

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