A Funny, A Game, & Some Fun Freebies!

Hi everyone,

I have a few things to share with you today!

First, I'm linking up with the fabulous Crystal at Kreative In Kinder for a little funny story sharing! Kids are always saying funny things and we teachers are always talking about how we could write a book! 
Here is my funny for the day:

This was  BY FAR one of the funniest things a child has ever said to me! 

Next on the agenda is my new center game! My kids love making words and these days they have been working so hard on making CVC words! I whipped this little game up with absolutely NO intention of putting it in my store but, after seeing how much the kids loved it, I knew I had to share it with you teachers out there!

(Click on the picture to see this pack in my TPT store)

I'm working on the CVCC and CVCE packs and they will be in my TPT store very soon,,, promise!

The last thing I'd like to share with you today is something that is happening on my Facebook page. I have decided to share some AMAZING freebies with all of you who follow me on Facebook. If you don't follow me already, I suggest you go over there and click that LIKE button. There are some fun things coming your way if you do!

In case you missed my Halloween freebie last week, you can grab it HERE

Have a great Sunday!

Later gators,

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Peek At My Week & A Spooky Freebie!

Hi everyone,

I'm here to give you a little peek at my week. I only have my centers to show you this week but I promise to be back to show you what we are working on!

First, I'd like to show you what I've been working on for the past week....This is not teaching related but I thought I'd share it anyway. We had my son's birthday party yesterday. This little guy turned 5! I can't believe how fast time flies by!
My beautiful boy asked for a Ninja Turtle theme so I threw a few things together a pulled off a pretty cute decor!

Alright, now for my plans. Here are my center plans. You can download the clickable file HERE. We are starting subtraction this week so I included my subtraction center as a freebie. All you'll need is a few flashcards to play the game. I hope you like it :)

I also made a fun CVC card game for my little ones and since Halloween is right around the corner, I made it with ghosts! You can find this game at my TPT store


This mamma is off to clean up our party mess!

Later gators,


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Peek At MY Week - Addition & Pumpkins!

Hi everyone,

I'm here to give you a peek at my week! I have been LOVING this linky lately! It has been exactly what I needed to get the little bit of extra organization in my weekly routine.

This week, we are really getting down to business and working on our addition skills! I have been creating some fun things for our math stations these past couple of weeks. I got so many nice comments on Instagram that I decided to put all these activities together and finally finished my pack this morning!

I have also been working hard to teach my little ones some decoding skills. They are getting really good at reading those words and I'm very proud of them :)
I am continuing to use my Ready To GO pack for our CVC words. The kids love those cut & paste activities!

Here are my plans for the week. You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.
If you download my plans HERE, you will get the clickable version PLUS my ten frames freebie!
Enjoy :)

I'm off to my turkey feast!
Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian peeps!

Later gators,

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Desk Disaster! An Organization Tip

Hi everyone,

Do you struggle with getting your kidlettes to keep their desks in a straight line? Sometimes, I feel like my students have changed my perfectly planned desk arrangement to their very own mess! We always start each day with a super tidy classroom but, by the end of they day, it always looks like our desks had a party and we weren't invited! HA!

Last week, I decided to help my little ones by using an old trick. Sometimes, an old trick goes a long way! In this case, this old trick helps keep me sane! 

I placed the desks EXACTLY where I wanted them. I then used tape to make guidelines on the floor and VOILA! We now have a classroom with desks that STAY IN PLACE! 

I hope this little trick will help some of you!

Later gators,

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Scarecrows & Pumpkins, OH MY!

Hi everyone,

Have you started your pumpkins and scarecrows themes yet? We have been really enjoying these Fall themes in my class!

Last week, we worked on a super fun leaf sorting activity. If you have not read my post, you can find it HERE.

We also made our scarecrow craftivities! I can't believe how cute they turned out! 

My original craft was WAY too hard for my firsties so I updated it for these little ones. Of course, while I was in the 'updating mood', I decided to update the entire pack too!

Here are a few pics of our wonderful creations:

The bubble map that you see in the pictures is part of my craftivity pack. The kids had a blast finding words that describe Fall! It was interesting to see how they view the different seasons. They came up with a variety of describing words and shared their reasons for adding their words to their bubble maps.

You can find my scarecrow craftivity in my TPT store... just click on the picture below!

We also worked a little bit with our pumpkins this week. My students teacher brought 20 pumpkins to our class with the hopes of decorating them. We quickly realized that we could use these big orange wonders for SO MUCH MORE before we put paint all over them! The first thing we did was describe the outside of our pumpkins. We 'looked' at them with our eyes and our hands to chose different describing words. Next week, we will open one up and describe the inside. This should be exciting!

Here are our pumpkin bubble maps:

 I leave you with a fun FREEBIE today. 
Click on the picture below to grab your very own pumpkin bubble map. 
I hope you enjoy it!

Later gators,


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Peek At My Week - It's A Canadian Thanksgiving!

Hi everyone,

I'm here to show you my plans for the week!

I know I'm probably breaking ALL blogging rules by posting twice in the same day but I just have THAT MUCH to share! HA!
By the way, if you haven't seen my earlier post today, you might want to go see it... after you read this one, of course! There is a little something for you there too ;)

Last week, I showed you my centers and I really liked the way it turned out. I decided to keep showing them to you the way I did but this time I also added my goals for math and language arts. 

I included a couple of freebies with my plans so be sure to download them HERE

This week is Canadian Thanksgiving so we will be working on our turkey craftivity. I LOVE this craft because my kiddos will get to write what they are thankful for inside the feathers of their turkey! So much fun!

I also created a class book activity for my class. Each student will get his/her own page to fill out and decorate for our Thanksgiving class book. I'll be back this week to show you pictures of our book!

You can grab the class book at my TPT store for FREE! Enjoy :)
**I know most of you will not be celebrating Thanksgiving next week but you can save it for later**

I hope these visual plans are helping to some of you. I love to share my ideas, plans, and creations with you wonderful peeps!

I leave you with pictures of our morning apple picking adventure... just because! :)

Later gators,

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Ready To GO Printables!

Hi everyone, 

Have you seen my new Ready To GO packs yet? I have been LOVING these new printables! They have not only been a life saver for me but have also helped me motivate some of my little kiddos! 

Let me give you a little peek...

We used these activities at the very beginning of the year to practice our letter order.


We also practiced matching upper case letters with lower case letters. 

For beginning sounds, we worked with several activities. This was a fun coloring page. Students had to choose a letter for the beginning sound and color it. Every time we get the opportunity to take out our crayons, it feels like my students won the lottery! They just LOVE it!

We matched letters to pictures with this cut & paste activity.

We also worked on sorting pictures by their beginning sounds. I think this was a favorite!

My students needed extra practice with their printing skills this year so I made several activity sheets with some printing practice! This one was a beginning sound search.

Finally, we worked on beginning and ending sounds of CVC words. I love watching my students write CVC words because they seem so proud to be able to write ACTUAL words! It's precious :)

We've been busy working on our math skills too!
We practiced our number ordering skills with this cut and paste activity.

Some of my little ones needed practice with their counting so we used some fun counting activities like this one.

We learned all about before & after. This was a BIG one since my students are mostly ESL. We had to work extra hard on remembering what the words before and after mean. Once we got that settled, we did an awesome job with this activity!

We also discovered the words odd and even! This one is still a work in progress but we are getting better and better each day :)

Finally, we worked on some "Trace, Tally, & Paste" pages.

My students are really enjoying these!

**If you want to grab these fun activities for your class, click on the picture below**

I also made 2 other Ready To GO packs: one for addition and subtraction, and one for making words.
I'll be back to show you these activities very soon but if you want to check them out now, you can take a peak by clicking on the pictures below!

** I'm leaving you with a fun freebie today! Click on the picture below to grab it! **

Later gators,


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