MORE Elf In The Classroom Ideas!

Hi everyone,

As we are all prepping our final moments before the big holiday break. we are also enjoying our final moments with our sneaky little elves in our classrooms! This has been an amazing experience for me... I wasn't sure if I was even going to be doing this elf hoopla in my classroom this year but BOY am I glad I did! The looks on those little faces every morning was worth every ounce of energy... and MORE!

Here are some pictures of both my classroom elf and my home elf. 
I hope some of these inspire you for your last week!

This is Rosie, our classroom elf!

 This is George, our house elf!

Have a great week everyone!

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Gingerbread Men & Stocking Surprises!

Hi everyone.

I'm here to show you what we have been up to this week!
We have been busy little elves, learning about gingerbread men and filling our stockings with really fun stuff!

Here are a few pics of our beautiful work:

 Look who showed up the next morning...
Rosie liked our gingerbread men SO much that she decided to hang around with them ALL day!
I think this was one of my students' favorite spots for our little elf ;)

Here are some pics of our stocking crafts:

I gave them 2 options for the eyes so some clever beavers 
decided to make their mouse wink! So cute!!

After making our crafts, we worked on this quick writing activity. Take a look at what some of my firsties found in their stockings... Precious!
If I ever found stars and snow in my stocking, I'd be a happy camper too! Hehehe!

You can find both these crafts at my TPT store.
Just click on the pictures below:

That's it for now, boys and girls! 
Join me tomorrow when I show you what our elf has been up to all week!
She sure is a silly elf, that Rosie ;)

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Snowmen And Snowflakes!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share our newest creations with you today!

We have been talking about Winter, ever since the first snow storm, in our classroom and this craftivity could not have been planned at a better time! 

My students worked on a fun bubble map after a nice discussion about Winter gear! I felt it was important to chat a little about staying warm in the Winter because we often forget how easy it is to get those lousy *sniffles*!

These kiddies did an awesome job at decorating their pages and 
putting their crafts together.
Take a look:

We also made these spectacular snowflakes to decorate our classroom!

If you want to get an easy tutorial for this art project, you can find one HERE
This was a freebie that I blogged about and uploaded to my store last year.

Don't worry, it is MUCH easier than it looks!

If you are interested in making the snowman craft with your class, you can find it in my TPT store.
I hope you like it!

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TWO Elves In ONE Week!

Hi everyone,

I'm here to share something SUPER special with you today...
Our classroom ELF!!!

This past Wednesday, we received a very special delivery from SANTA himself! We were so excited that we decided to open it, even though it isn't Christmas yet!

Turns out it was a good idea to open it right away because Santa had sent us one of his very own trusted employees!! We are so lucky in grade one :)

After reading the letter from that beloved man dressed in red, we decided to get busy on choosing a name. We wrote everyone's ideas on the board and voted for our favorites. 
Here are the ideas that my little firstie friends came up with. 

Yes, you are reading correctly... I even had one sweet little monkey who thought that the name Santa was perfect for our new friend!

The next morning, we arrived to school and found our new companion on the white board! She loved her new name SO much that she decided to write it everywhere! 
Oh, Rosie! You are precious!

This is how we found our elf on Friday. It seems like our little friend not only loves to read, but also likes to dress up her reading buddies!
What a silly goose!!


Since many of my readers are also parents, I decided that I'd show you our little friend at home too!

My funny little guy chose the name George for his elf. He said that the elf was funny and sneaky, just like Curious George, so he named him after his favorite character.
What a clever little boy!

Take a look at where we found George this week:

I can't wait to see what my two new buddies will be up to next week!

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You can find me @allstudentscanshine or with the hashtag #elfintheclassroom

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