Penguins And Polar Bears

Hi everyone,

I’m here to show you what we have been up to in grade one these past couple of weeks.

Last week, we started our penguin unit and we have been enjoying every minute of it!

We continued to learn about different penguin species and we have worked really hard on our fact sheets.

We also found some great words, to describe penguins, for our bubble maps!

We ended our penguins unit with a fun penguin movie, Happy Feet 2!
It was really nice to see my little ones recognize so many different animals in the movie! They were so proud that they knew what the little guy was when the saw the krill! Who knew kids could be so happy to see krill! Hahaha!

This week, we started our Arctic unit. The first animal was the polar bear!
We used our slideshow to learn fun facts about the polar bear. We measured his height on our wall, we stepped back, and looked up in SHOCK! 
“He is THAT big, Miss Valerie??” ;)

I used Google images to find close-up pictures of the polar bear’s fur. 
What an AMAZING discovery!

We also worked on a Venn diagram, to compare the polar bear to the penguin. My students did a FANTASTIC job at coming up with similarities and differences for the two animals!

I decided to throw in a nice graphing activity this week so we did a class survey on Winter activities! 
This had NOTHING to do with polar bears and penguins but it SURE was fun! HA!

The next animal was the puffin and my students were really happy about this one because they remembered the puffin in our movie last week!
**I forgot to take pictures so I'll be sharing them with you in my next blog post!**

I can’t WAIT to start our mini books!

If you like what you see, 
you can find my Arctic unit and my penguin unit at my TPT store.

The class survey, bubble map, and Venn diagram activities are from my Skating Penguin Craftivity.

I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who purchased my units these past weeks! My penguins unit made it to the top 100 selling items on TPT and I couldn’t be happier! I appreciate everyone’s feedback and I’m excited to know that these units are being used in your classrooms too!

I’ll be back to show you our Arctic centers tomorrow.

Later gators,

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  1. I ADORE Happy Feet! All your penguins stuff looks just amazing. Absolutely one of my favorite themes to teach!

  2. I bought your Penguin unit and am loving it! Thank you so much!


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