The Problem With Copycats

Hi everyone,

I'm here to show you a quick teaching tip to help you avoid those pesky "copycats" in your class!
We all have them... They don't mean any harm... They just want to know what their neighbor is up to! It's totally innocent but it happens ALL. THE. TIME!

Unfortunately for us teachers, it IS a big problem because it is very difficult to encourage our students to keep their eyes on their own work. We tell them every day but those regular offenders just keep peeking! 
I always remind my students: "if the person next to you makes a mistake, you will TOO if you copy".

Want to know how I avoid this problem?
It's EASY!

I simply give them different work!
Well, not THAT different....

If I am using an activity that has been printed on a double sided page, I simply assign every second student a different side of the sheet. By the time they are done, they will all be turning over their sheet at around the same time. This way, they will never be working on the same page as the person next to them!

What do I do if it isn't a page that has been copied on both sides? I simply have my class working on 2 different activities at the same time. Every second child is working on activity A and the others have activity B. That's it, that's all!

**I should point out that I only use this trick for seat work!
Center activities are handled a completely different way in my classroom :)

Voila! That's my easy peasy trick! 
The cat is out of the bag! HA!

Easy, right?

I made a little poster for my classroom. If it can help you, feel free to grab it and print it for your own class!

If you have any tips for copycats, I'd love to know them!
Leave me a comment with your idea :)

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  1. Such a simple solution for a common problem! You always have the best ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Thank so much for this idea! I plan on using it for morning work and Math practice.


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