Bright Ideas: SPRING Art Projects!

Hi everyone,

I'm linking up with the FABULOUS Bright Ideas Crew once again to give you a fun idea to use in your classroom!

This month, I'm sharing an easy art project idea that can be done in ALL grade levels.
Painting is great because it doesn't matter how old your students are. Your students' creations are their own and do not depend on their abilities! Painting is for everyone and gives each child the chance to SHINE in his/her own way :)

We made these beautiful Spring paintings to decorate our hallway and I was blown away with the talent in my classroom... 
Take a look!

This project was really easy!
Here is how we did it:

First, I showed my students some pictures of flowers on our Smart board. This helped everyone picture their project in their mind. They were able to see different kinds of flowers and they all chose which flowers they liked best. 

We drew our flowers with pencil first. This made it easy to erase if we had to make changes to our drawing.
We then traced our picture with BLACK markers.

Once we had our picture done, we got started on the painting part!

I took a minute to show my students how to use watercolor paints. I explained to them that it was important to use water to wet the paints but that it was just as important to not use TOO MUCH water. I showed them what it looked like when we use too much water. I like showing my students what MISTAKES look like before they happen. This helps them pay close attention during the art process. It also saves me from lots of tears ;)

I had a BLAST walking around, taking pictures of my students hard at work. 
It seems like every time I take out my camera, they get VERY serious about what they are working on. 
It's a WIN-WIN, really! ;)

Take a look at our final projects! 
Aren't they beautiful??

Our hallway is so bright with these masterpieces on the wall :)

I hope you can use this idea in your classroom!

For more BRIGHT IDEAS, be sure to use the link up below.

Later gators,

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  1. The paintings are beautiful! Does the washable markers ever run? I always let them use Sharpies to trace after a LONG talk about the rules! OK one more question, what type of watercolors are those? Love the colors:)
    Tammy from The Resourceful Apple

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