Thursday, May 22, 2014

Double Digit Addition FREEBIE

Hi everyone,

I'm here to show you what we did today in math class!

We have been working very hard on double digit addition these past few weeks and my students are really getting good at it! I decided to get them up and moving today with an add around the room activity. Sometimes, it's nice to give them a variety of ways to practice the same skill. What better way to get them excited about double digit addition than using a fun activity that gets them moving around the room, right? 

"AND we get to use clip boards, Miss Valerie?!"
How sweet is that? ;)

I hid the cards around the room and got my kiddlets ready with their recording sheets on their clip boards.

They LOVE add around the room activities because, in my class, we have ONE rule... 
We are not allowed to make ANY noise! 
Just like with our class surveys, I *trained* them to walk around and act like mimes while they search for the cards and write their answers on their clip boards. We pretend that it is a FRIENDLY competition and we do not want our opponents to hear our answers. 
They really get into it and love to pretend that they are hiding "classified information"! HA!

The number line at the bottom of the page was a lovely bonus for those little learners who need that helpful tool!

We had a blast with this add around the room activity!

If you want your own copy of this game, you can grab it for FREE at my TpT store.
I included cards for both addition with and without regrouping.
I also included instructions for those of you who want to differentiate this activity in your class ;)


Later gators,


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Teaching Little Miracles said...

Hi Valerie! Just checking out the other bloggers in the book study and look what I find...a great freebie! Thanks!


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