Unite For Literacy - FREE Online Books!

Hi everyone,

I recently stumbled onto this website, thanks to my friend Stephanie over at Falling Into First.

I'm so glad that she shared this website with me because it is absolutely AMAZING!
Who doesn't enjoy a free online book once in a while, right?

Unite For Literacy has such a HUGE collection of books to choose from!

I used this one in my class, because we were starting our insects unit
I projected it on my Smart board for the whole class to enjoy!

What I really love about this website is their narration feature!
Kids can click on the microphone and have the story read to them. 

Some books have simple sentences and repetitive text.

Others have more text on a page.

There is a large variety of books to choose from so you are sure to find 
something you everyone in your class!

You can read all about their website HERE.


I hope your class will enjoy this resource as much as mine does!

Later gators,

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