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Hi everyone,

Have you seen my latest addition to my TPT store? 
I have been working day and night on this thing and I'm so glad I did because it will be a life saver when school starts!

We are starting a new math program in my school this coming school year and I knew that I needed to make sure I had some additional practice pages to complement this new program. I made it my mission to create these activities during the summer break. 
Did I succeed? Well, I got HALF the year done! YAY!!

These math printables are perfect for extra practice activities and/or assessments!

Here are the math skills included in this set:
* Printing Numbers
* Before & After
* Counting
* Representing Numbers
* Number Match & Recognition
* Making Ten
* Comparing Numbers
- greater than/less than
- bigger/smaller
* Patterns
- numbers
- pictures
- shapes
* Objects in Space
- labeling
- drawing
* Using Directions
* Comparing with Signs
* Skip Counting
* Counting On
* Shapes
- sides
- faces
- names
- using shapes to draw
* 3D Shapes
- names
- matching to objects
- faces & bases
* Addition with Pictures
* Subtraction with Pictures
* Number Order
* Place Value - Tens and Ones
* Days Of The Week
* Time
* Bar Graphs

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I'm off to spend some time with the family. I just can't get enough of these boys! 
I will miss them SO much when I go back to school... 

Luckily, my summer break is NOT over yet!

Later gators,

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