Fall Leaves ART Project

Hi everyone,

I'm linking up with my Bright Ideas friends who are bringing you some fabulous ideas to implement in your classroom! My bright idea is a super fun art project that I made with my class this week. 

I got this idea from Mrs Picasso's Art Room. When I saw it on Pinterest, I just KNEW my kids would love making this beautiful art project!

For this project, you will need:
white paper
tissue paper (warm colors for Fall leaves)
Mod Podge or white glue
construction paper (sky colors)
black paper

First we used small squares of tissue paper and pasted them on white paper. We used mod podge for this part of the project. My students were SO happy to be using my little foam brushes! 
It's the little things, people ;)

I showed them how to put glue on their paper and how to cover the tissue paper with more glue. 

We let our collages dry overnight.

The next day, we drew leaves on the back of our collages and cut them out. Some of my students had pencil marks all over their paper and struggled with finding the line that they wanted to cut on. To help them out, I used a highlighter to trace over the line that I wanted them to cut on. 
I'm sure this avoided many tears ;)

I used 3 days for this art project, to make sure we had plenty of time to do each step. 
The last step was our windy background. For this, we used different colored constructions papers. I just handed out different blues and purples. My students did a good job of exchanging their paper with a friend. This way, everyone was happy with the color that they ended up with :)

We talked about how the wind blows and the directions that it moves in. We then drew swirls with pastels. I asked my students to rub on their swirls with their fingers. This gave a nice effect on their paper!

When we were all satisfied with our swirls, we pasted our leaves on the colored paper. 
I asked my students to imagine their leaf moving in the wind. They held up their leaves and moved them in the air. Once they decided how their leaf would fall on their paper, they glued it down. I love the different ways that they glued their leaves! It really showed me that they understood that their leaf did not have to be straight and centered. Everyone's project is really unique!

Our bulletin board is BEAUTIFUL!

I can't wait to see their little faces when they walk in next week. My favorite part of any art project is watching their reactions when they see their masterpieces on the wall!

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Later gators,

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  1. I love how these turned out.. .so cute!!! :) Thanks for sharing!

    First Grade Fairytales

  2. I saw this on your IG and loved it! We did this with apples in my classroom. For my kinders, I mixed the glue with water to make it more "user friendly" . I love how you added the backgrounds. So cute!


  3. I love your border!!! So creative!!!

    Jennifer with Simply Kinder

  4. I love those! I want to make my own kids do those so I have some fall decorations for my house!


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