BOO! Halloween Fun In Grade One

Hi everyone,

This week, a student in my class asked me when they would get another book to add to their bags. I had not planned on giving my class a new book any time soon but this little guy gave me the push that I needed to get creating! What can I say, these kids get me every time they ask ;)

I went home that day and got on my computer right away. An hour later, I had a new witch book! It was ready to go and I couldn't WAIT until next week to share it with my kiddlettes... So I didn't wait! HA!

I displayed my read aloud on our Smart Board, instead of printing it out. No time for sending things to printing when you are too excited to wait the weekend! ;)

My students LOVE when I read them a story on the Smart Board. They get so into it and really enjoy seeing the pictures on the board!

After reading them my witch story, I gave them each their very own witch book! 
Exciting, right?!

They were happy to fill in the words on every page. I displayed their book and helped them fill in the missing words. 

We will be working on the rest of my Halloween pack next week.
I updated the ENTIRE pack and it looks brand NEW!!

I just LOVE Halloween :)

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